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FEMALE author, poet and spoken word artist Chengeto Mayowe said his trilogy titled Daughters of fate launched today combined Japanese and Zimbabwean cultures as well as traditions through fiction to create a magical world.

Mayowe, who considers herself a “modern traditional healer or svikiroSaid he decided to create a trilogy based on people who look like him while shedding light on some of his favorite myths and legends.

“Call it a five year plan if you have to, but through my writing I want people to know about African gods and goddesses, myths and legends, but I start near my home first. My next project, which I’m already working on, will feature two countries (Japan and Zimbabwe) and their respective myths, ”she said.

“My heroines in the trilogy are strong, funny women who have faced different challenges while learning to accept the spiritual gifts imposed on them. The men in my novels serve as a supporting role, simply serving to highlight and complement the women. “

Through Daughters of fate, Mayowe said she created a magical world solely from her imagination while incorporating issues that many face in their daily lives.

“The trilogy was inspired by a poem from my second book Souls of forgotten queens. I created characters that were related to people of color while exploring popular myths and legends, and shaping them to fit the cultures of Japan and Zimbabwe, ”she said.

Mayowe’s writing journey began years ago with her late father, John being the inspiration.

“I used to write with my late father, John Mayowe, and he encouraged me whenever he had the chance. My father’s love for culture, tradition and his children sparked the idea that I write fictional stories with hints of reality and the history, myths and legends of the country, ”he said. she declared.

“Besides my father, my motivation comes from my nieces and my nephew. I write so that one day they will see each other in different types of fictional novels.

Mayowe said her mission is to heal with her words, to inspire with her stories, to enlighten the world about African literature and Zimbabwe, as well as to make people fall in love with poetry again.

She is passionate about African literature and mental health, which is evident in her work.

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