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Cruel (showing in cinemas)
Rated PG13 – For peril and adult themes.
Well, the folks at Disney have done it again. They launched this printing press located deep in the Magic Kingdom and started another lucrative original story, and it works.
Cruel, perfectly interpreted by Emma Stone (La La Land), gets a well-deserved story in the latest Disney Studios news. With her monochrome hair and trademark sneer, the Disney villain comes to life onscreen and shows just how created a villain is.
Cruella enjoys a solid history and outstanding performances from the aforementioned Emma Stone and the great support of the always reliable Emma Thompson (Save Mr. Banks) like Baroness, Joel Fry (Yesterday) and Paul Walter Hauser (Richard jewell) as Jasper and Horace, Cruella’s loyal if not conflicting minions / best friends.
Entertaining from the start, the only reason Cruel only gets three stars, out of five possible, this is because the runtime is a bit long for some, at 2 hours 15 minutes, and for adult themes. Please note: leave the little ones at home. Cruel is a dark tale, albeit with real humor bursting with laughter, but it’s not aimed at the little ones, as you might be inclined to take to the theater to see it. There is a deadly discussion of revenge and palpable hatred.
The PG-13 is on site. Tweens and adults alike will love this one. I know I did, and Mary, my always patient wife, laughed several times. Cruel absolutely worth the price of admission.

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