Murad urges writers to purge society of intolerance through literature


KARACHI – Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that intolerance, extremism and self-righteousness are eating away at the vital elements of our society. Intolerance is the root of all evil and an intolerant person is a curse on any society, so our writers and poets should purge society through their writings, he added.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the 14th International Urdu Conference here at the Pakistan Arts Council in Karachi, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the Sialkot and Faisalabad incident exposed the state of mind of our society which had been infested with intolerance, extremism and self-righteousness. “We have forgotten our values, respect for women and our guests,” he lamented.

Murad Ali Shah said that we politicians and journalists have created a new trend of insulting each other, fighting, accusing each other in the prime time shows of our news channels. “These types of programs also help promote intolerance and self-righteousness,” he said, adding that our electronic media should launch literary programs so that people have the choice to switch to political or literary programs. .

Mr Shah said that there is an urgent need to restructure our society so that such incidents which not only damage the image of our country, but our humanity and religion, so we must control them as that social control. The CM recalled that in the past our people read books and visited libraries to seek knowledge, but now the habit of reading has totally disappeared and has been replaced by interaction on social networks.

“The books that I have read in my life are always in my memory, but the material that I read on social media does not last in memory any longer,” he said and added that we have to move on. in the digital age in which we will have to digitize our best literature so that people can enjoy it.

Murad Ali Shah called on the arts council and its members to help him establish and modernize libraries across Sindh. He said it was time for our writers and poets to wage war with him against extremism, otherwise our future generations would not forgive us. Mr. Shah praised the efforts of Arts Council Chairman Ahmed Shah and his team to promote cultural activities in the city which has seen bloodshed, looting and looting. At the end of the session, the Chief Minister was presented with a souvenir, a bouquet of flowers and Ajrak. The program was attended by Provincial Minister Syed Sardar Shah, KMC Administrator, leading writers, poets and intellectuals.

CM said the Sindh government will extend all possible cooperation for the promotion of Urdu literature and language. We are ready to work with all these organizations to organize literary conferences and promote poetry and literature to eradicate the atmosphere of extremism, he added.

He said that we should put soft and smooth content on social media, because good and beautiful things are passed on to present and future generations. He said that with the advent of print media as well as electronic media, the media have become powerful, but the importance of print media cannot be denied even in the modern era of information technology. Earlier, addressing the function, Sindh Education and Culture Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah said the Urdu World Conference is one of the best in the world for those who love the language. urdu. There is a big festival whose credit goes to the chairman of the Karachi Arts Council, Ahmad Shah, and his team, he said.

He said that all the languages ​​spoken in the subcontinent together gave birth to the Urdu language, so the biggest test for Urdu is that the languages ​​have connected Urdu. Today, Urdu should be linked to these languages ​​as well, he said. He expressed that today we face great challenges facing the basic elements of the civilization to which we belong. Such policies must be formulated to stop extremism, he said.

Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that language and culture is the most important part of any society and that we have forgotten our language in an attempt to become something else. He said the conference in Urdu would help revive our beautiful past and raise awareness among our present and future generations about the importance of the language. He said that some people tried to learn English in such a way that they could neither learn English nor speak Urdu properly. Pakistan Arts Council Chairman Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that when the Urdu conference was first held 14 years ago, the situation was not right at the time and some sections did not want to organize such conferences. Yes, they wanted our society to be devoid of civilization and civilization, but we thwarted their intentions, he said.


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