Mysterious ‘election’ leaflet masquerading as official literature confuses voters in Mount Pearl


This week, Mount Pearl voters opened their mailboxes to remove something that turned into a political tin can just days before the municipal election.

An election flyer dressed to look like official city correspondence, using the Mount Pearl logo, color scheme and font style, listed all of the new faces looking to earn a seat in the council chamber.

“Your vote counts more than ever,” read the leaflet printed in orange, faithfully reproducing the color used by the city.

“Please elect a new mayor and city council for Mount Pearl.”

Several Mount Pearlians have taken to social media to point out that the flyer is confusing for the average voter.

Shortly after news of the leaflets broke, candidates were quick to condemn them with social media posts and videos. (Facebook)

As group chats and social media spread awareness of the apparent new election literature in the city, the faces behind the names on the flyer have turned to the internet to steer clear of it.

Each person on the list confirmed to CBC News that they didn’t know their name would be on the flyer, didn’t allow anyone to use their name and, most importantly, had no idea who was behind it.

“Consent was not given by myself and many other nominated candidates,” Nicole Kieley wrote on a Facebook page devoted to her Mount Pearl campaign.

“The material also abused our city logo, presenting it as official communication from the City of Mount Pearl.”

The font and colors of the flyer closely mimic the city’s official branding. (Submitted)

Like Kieley, everyone named on the flyer condemned him on a website or page with their name on it.

The name of the person (s) who prepared it, had copies professionally printed and then paid for it to be delivered around Mount Pearl was noticeably missing from the mailing.

“I am really disappointed and disgusted with whoever uses the logo of the city of Mount Pearl [to]attempt to dishonor the integrity of the candidates, ”wrote Denise French, candidate for the council.

The back of the flyer, printed on a black background, takes on a much darker tone.

His text calls the current mayor and the three remaining council members before presenting five allegations accusing them of bad behavior, inappropriate spending and mismanagement during their tenure.

“Mount Pearl deserves better,” the pamphlet reads.

“We need a mayor and a council whom we can trust and respect.”

While most candidates spoke badly of the leaflet, they praised their opponents. (Facebook)

CBC News has contacted the City of Mount Pearl to discuss the use of the logo and the flyer content with someone. We received a brief statement in response.

“The City of Mount Pearl did not approve the flyer circulated in connection with the election and would not take any position regarding a candidate running for election,” the email said.

“We will no longer comment on this matter. ”

In a short statement, candidate Mike Mills wrote:

“I have not given anyone permission to print my name and I condemn this rhetoric and style of campaigning.”

The back of the flyer is aimed at the current mayor and council. (Submitted)

Council candidate Susan Pearcey posted a video of a strong reaction to the document.

“I would never consent to my name being associated with such slanderous and underhanded actions,” she said.

“If you receive this flyer in the mail, do what I’m going to do and put it straight in the trash.”

As the candidates try to distance themselves from the document, it is the voters who will have to go through the election materials, whether official or not, before the September 28 election.

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