Nain Sukh becomes first Pakistani writer to win first place in Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature


Islamabad, Pakistan: Nain Sukh became the first Pakistani writer to win first prize in the Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature competition.

Famous Pakistani Punjabi storyteller, novelist and poet Nain Sikh (lawyer Khalid Mahmood) won first prize in Canada’s International Punjabi Award “Dhahan”.

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Nain Sukh becomes first Pakistani writer to win first prize in Dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature

He is the first Pakistani to win a prize of Rs 3.5 million. This award has been around for 8 years and this award is presented annually on Punjabi Fiction. Earlier there was no Pakistani among the seven times who got the first prize as this year Pakistan received this prize thanks to Khalid Mahmood Advocate aka Nain Sikh.

The announcement was made at 11 p.m. last night (Thursday, October 14, 2021, Pakistan Times) by storyteller, poet and chairman of the advisory board and Sadhu Benning, who celebrates the Punjabi language at the state level in Canada.

The award, co-sponsored by the world-renowned University of British Columbia, is loved by the world. The founder of the award, Burj Dahan, also addressed the function. Dwarf Sikh received this award for his new book “Jogi, Sup, Tara” which was published by “Kitab Tarnjan”, a Punjabi book publishing house. Previously, Nain Sikh had received the second prize of Dhaka.

The other two prizes for 2021 were awarded to Balbir Madhopuri from Delhi (Mati Bol Pei) and Sergei Jammu from Amritsar (Apne Apne Marthiya). Besides Burj Dhaan, Sadhu Benning, Harinder Kaur Dhahan and Shehzad Nazir Khan also addressed the prestigious awards ceremony. Khalid Mahmood Dholaka aka Nain Sikh is originally from Sargodha and has lived in Lahore for a long time.


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