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“A name worthy of a sci-fi thriller: Supermassive Black Hole Tsunami,” read the first line of the post shared by NASA.

By Trisha Sengupta

POSTED 04 JUL 2021 11:15 AM IST

Do you follow the different handles managed by NASA on social networks? Then you may be aware of the various informative and intriguing messages that they often share about the world outside of our blue planet. For example, their recent article on how supermassive black holes can host gas “tsunamis”. They also shared an amazing illustration that looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie.

“A name worthy of a sci-fi thriller: Supermassive Black Hole Tsunami,” NASA wrote in the first line of its article. In the next few lines, they described how “astrophysicists have used computer simulations to show deep in space that gas escaping the gravitational pull of a supermassive black hole can form tsunami-like structures.” . They also wrote a few lines on how this happens.

While speaking about the image they shared, NASA added that it is an illustration that shows “a supermassive black hole veiled in dust and strange features in the gas nearby.”

They concluded their paper by saying that while more solid evidence may come from future missions, for now, researchers “will continue to improve their models and compare them with the available data.”

Read the full article and take a look at the illustration shared by Nasa:

Since it was shared just over three hours ago, the post has already garnered over 5.8 lakh of likes and the number is growing rapidly. He also received different types of comments from people.

“No one has better content than NASA !!” wrote one Instagram user. “It’s amazing,” said another. “Incredible,” commented a third.

What do you think of the post shared by NASA?

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