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Barely ten seconds into the trailer for A classic horror story – one of many new and original horror films on Netflix to debut in recent weeks – there is so much that feels familiar already. Familiar to fans of the genre, that is. Then again, based on Netflix’s official description for this terrifying new addition to the streamer, that’s kind of the point. This is the turn he wants to shoot you, before… well, what else? Before you try to half-frighten yourself. ” A camper. A car accident. An abandoned house. Children’s music in the background, ”teases Netflix. “Do you think you’ve seen him before?” Look again. “

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New Horror Movies on Netflix – A classic horror story

From the first moments of the trailer, we see a scene bathed in an extremely menacing shade of red. A close-up in slow motion of a deer, mounted on a wall. In the background, incongruous and joyful music plays. A heavy door opens and a slowly walking figure drags what looks like a heavy hammer through the gusts.

Now there is a close-up of a gagged, whining woman lying on the floor. Look in the direction of this newcomer.

“Five carpoolers travel in a motorhome to reach a common destination,” reads an English translation of this feature into Italian, taken from Netflix press materials. “Night is falling, and to avoid an animal carcass, they crash into a tree. When they come to their senses, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road on which they were traveling has disappeared; now there is only a dense and impenetrable forest and a wooden house in the middle of a clearing.

As if all this weren’t enough, the newcomers find it home to “an unspeakable cult.”

Other scary titles

Sounds intriguing? Well, the best part for fans of the genre is that there is a lot more to choose from on the streamer once you’ve tried this one. A Classic horror story, as we noted above, is also part of a growing crop of trending horror movies on Netflix right now. Others include the Fear street trilogy, based on a series of books by RL Stine. As well as the one directed by Guy Pearce Seventh day. It tells the story of an inexperienced priest who “teams up with a hardened exorcist to stop the demonic possession of a young boy. But the darkness is where they least expect it.

Until Fear street films, the third and final installment of the trilogy was just added to the streamer a few days ago. This title – The Street of Fear, Part 3: 1666 – concludes the story centered on the city of Shadyside. In it, the origins of Sarah Proud’s curse on the city are finally revealed.

“In 1994,” according to the Netflix film preview, “a group of teenagers discover that the terrifying events that have haunted their city for generations can all be linked – and they may be the next targets. Based on RL Stine’s best-selling horror series, Fear street follows the sinister history of Shadyside through a 300-year nightmare.

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