New cinema plans to replace Flix Brewhouse in Chandler


CHANDLER, AZ – Flix Brewhouse has made its closure in downtown Chandler permanent. However, another cinema has already planned to open in its place.

“We would like to thank the people of Chandler for their support during our brief stay there and we wish the management of Look (Cinemas) every success as they plan to reopen a great movie restaurant,” said said Matthew Baizer, COO. Texas-based Flix Brewhouse officer in a statement Wednesday to ABC15.

The cinema restaurant opened in 2018 at Overstreet in Chandler, near Chandler Boulevard and Arizona Avenue, and included a microbrewery, a large kitchen, and a number of theater auditoriums.

Like most theaters and other businesses, Flix Brewhouse has closed for most of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It reopened briefly last fall as cases leveled out and restrictions were relaxed, but was closed again weeks later, citing “ongoing issues related to Covid-19, government regulations and lack of convincing cinematic content ”.

Soon after, Flix Brewhouse closed all of its theaters nationwide, many of which remain closed. At least one theater in Madison, Wisconsin, has reopened in recent weeks and another in El Paso, Texas, is preparing to reopen, according to local media.

Look Cinemas, a small restaurant and movie theater chain primarily in California, and a location in Texas, is set to reclaim space in Chandler, marking its first location in the Greater Phoenix Market.

Details on the opening date of Look Cinemas have not been announced.

The public relations firm that represents Look Cinemas acknowledged Chandler’s location on Wednesday night, but no further information was immediately available.

“LOOK is a catering cinema from the team that created it. Expect uninterrupted movies, great food and cocktails in an immersive environment,” one page of the theater’s website read. “Order a deli board, sushi or a deluxe shake filled with goodies.”

According to an online menu, the cinema will offer classic cinema snacks, such as popcorn, candy and soda, but will also have more substantial options, such as charcuterie boards, garlic bread, fries and dip, as well as sushi rolls, sandwiches and wraps, salads, wings, pizza, and loaded mac and cheese.

For those with a sweet tooth, the menu also lists traditional shakes, as well as a range of “luxury shakes,” including Peach Cobbler, Nut Butter and Oreo. At this point, it’s unclear which items, if any, will be on the Chandler location’s menu.

This is the latest change to a movie theater in the valley. Many cinemas in the valley have closed or changed names during the pandemic.

Studio Movie Grill has permanently closed its cinema in Sonora Village in Scottsdale. Florida-based Touchstar Cinemas plans to open there, although no opening date has been announced.

Alamo Drafthouse renamed its theaters from Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe to Majestic Theaters after local franchise owners filed for bankruptcy, citing the pandemic, and ultimately made a deal with the Alamo company to separate.

And Harkins announced the closure of its North Valley 16 theater near 32nd Street and Bell Road by the end of the year, citing the economic costs of renovating that theater. Harkins has announced plans to open a new theater in the area, but details have not been announced.


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