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Stay away from the heat and kick back with a cool new movie to watch this weekend. Val Cameron dropped by and gave us a preview of three films to check out.

Witnesses (PG)
There’s a new faith-based movie hitting theaters this weekend, Witnesses. This is the story of the three men who witnessed the angels and the gold plates containing ancient scriptures for the Church of Jesus Christ and the Ladder Day Saints. They take a different approach in this film than in the other films Val has seen on Joseph Smith and the Church. They show the men involved at their actual age at the time, they are all in their early twenties. They filmed in all the places where these events took place, in New York, Canada, Massachusetts and Utah. It’s a beautiful film shot, and the acting is pretty solid. What she liked the most about this film was “reality”. You see Joseph Smith as a young man making mistakes and laughing with his family. The main men involved, David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris fought and it was very human. Val is not a part of the LDS faith, but she does believe that you can watch this movie and get more than a religious movie experience from it. You feel and know right away that the movie is about religion and a specific story, however, it was refreshing to learn and see something that she had never seen before.

In 250 cinemas across the country.
Category B-

Untamed Spirit (PG)
A Dream Works animated film designed for young children for a tame adventure. This is done in a classic animation and storytelling style. Nothing fancy, just a fun ride for kids who like movies about other kids going on an adventure. You won’t see super scary villains, no pyrotechnics and adult humor. It is about a young girl who lived in a big city with her grandfather and her aunt and who moves to a small town with her father for the summer. She discovers her mother whom she has never met, meets new friends, and defends a wild-hearted horse named Spirit. For Val, there’s a Barbie style mixed in with a bit of How to Train Your Dragon. You will have no problem getting your kids to watch this empowering girl movie, however, you might get a little bored.

In theaters.
Category B-

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (R)

Val has to say right off the bat that she’s not a fan of this kind of movie. This is the first Conjuring movie that Val has seen. That being said, this movie is full of suspense and intense moments that will have you squirming in your seat and watching from behind your hands. Val likes to wear a hoodie for movies like this, more security. It was a little slow at first, but as we get closer to the middle and end of the movie, you start to see that this story is going to end in a very different direction than you expected. The Warrens are back (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) facing the paranormal, fighting for souls and they realize that they may be overwhelmed by what will be a historic murder case. The story was a bit lacking in parts but the acting sold most of the movie, mostly by Vera Farmiga.

In theaters and on HBO MAX.
Rating: C +


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