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McEnroelooks at the life and career of John McEnroe, the 63-year-old tennis great as famous for his sporting exploits as for the tantrums and bad behavior that earned him the nickname “superbrat” by the British press at the age of 20. Structured around interviews with the film’s now grey-haired subject – seemingly mellowed by age, self-proclaimed therapy and soul-searching – the film by Barney Douglas (known for cricket documentaries “Warriors” and “The Edge”) is complemented by plenty of archival match footage, including from the famous 1980 showdown between McEnroe and Björn Borg in that year’s Wimbledon final (entertaining drama in the movie “Borg vs. McEnroe”). And of course, there are talking heads: Borg himself appears, along with tennis player Billie Jean King, two of McEnroe’s children and his father, John McEnroe Sr. (rocker Chrissie Hynde only appears by the voice, reminiscing about her friendship with McEnroe, based, as she recalls, on his marijuana stash). The film fails to answer directly – or at least succinctly – the question it poses: what is greatness? Nonetheless, it’s a lively, informative, and thought-provoking film, interspersed with artistic touches such as shots of McEnroe walking through dark city streets, presumably intended to convey his troubled psyche, and scenes in which he stops to take the recipient of a salary. phone, only to hear the sound of his own voice. TV-MA. Available on Showtime. Contains foul language and drug references. 104 minutes.

The documentary “blind ambitionfollows four Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa who discovered, after landing restaurant jobs, that they each had a gift for wine tasting and, in 2017, competed in the World Wine Tasting Championships in the blind in France as a team from Zimbabwe in exile. According to the Guardian, it’s “impossible not to smile with this feel-good documentary”. Not rated. Available on demand. 96 minutes.

In the WWII thriller “Burial“, Charlotte Vega (“The Bookstore”) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films) play Russian soldiers: an intelligence officer and a member of his fictitious squad, who, as the war draws to a close, were tasked with delivering the remains of Adolf Hitler to Stalin in a crate. Along the way, they are mobbed by German “werewolf” partisans. Not rated. Available on demand. 95 minutes.

Famous English explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes – also known as the cousin of actors Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes – is the subject of “Explorer“, a documentary which celebrates, among the achievements of Fiennes, the world tour, from pole to pole, from 1979 to 1982. Not rated. Available on demand. 140 minutes.

The documentary “Kaepernick and Americalooks at former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the legacy of his 2016 decision to make a statement about racism in America by sitting on the bench during the national anthem and, later, kneeling alongside his teammates. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “serious” efforts of directors Ross Hockrow and Tommy Walker “might put off viewers already attuned to cycles of American racial amnesia, but the doc works as a primer for the uninitiated.” Not rated. Available on Amazon, iTunes and other on-demand platforms. 82 minutes.

After her fiancé breaks up with her during what was supposed to be a romantic vacation in Europe together, an American (Kat Graham) checks into an Italian villa alone, only to find she’s accidentally been double-booked, in the rom -com”love at the villa.” Sparks fly between her and the pretentious Englishman (Tom Hopper) with whom she reluctantly agrees to share accommodation, and so – is it possible? — flowers of love. TV-14. Available on Netflix. 115 minutes.

In the detective thriller “One way“, Colson Baker (aka musician Machine Gun Kelly) plays Freddy, a petty thief who robbed a Mexican drug lord (Drea de Matteo). On the run with a one-way bus ticket and in need of a blood transfusion Following a serious gunshot wound, Freddy arranges over the phone for help from his father (Kevin Bacon) to get the money back to his family, with Storm Reid also playing the role of another passenger on the bus. A. Available upon request. Contains pervasive bad language, violence and drug use. 96 minutes.

The Thriller”wire roomstars Bruce Willis as Shane Mueller, a Homeland Security agent in charge of a high-tech surveillance center, and Kevin Dillon as Justin Rosa, his recruit. When an arms dealer’s surveillance operation goes awry, Mueller and Rosa must take a stand against corrupt agents and officials who want to destroy evidence and kill them both. A. Contains strong violence and pervasive language. 97 mins.


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