Nexus is a direct alternative commercial lender that provides financing to businesses that banks are declining. Nexus examines where business owners want to go, rather than where they are now


Nexus was born from the experience of businesses in the same scenarios that many business owners face every day. Manufacturing, supply chain, lease upgrades, capitalized equipment acquisitions, running construction and more. Whether cash flow is lagging for accounts receivable or technology, and hardware requires financing, Nexus helps create the stepping stones to get businesses from where they are to where they want to be. Funding opportunities range from $250,000 to $75 million.

They offer financing solutions tailored to each business’s needs and goals while providing insight to help owners make better, positive and repeatable financial decisions as they grow. Nexus is proud to offer impeccable US-based customer support.

Nexus unique services include

1) Immediate approval of the direct decision.

2) 4-hour one-time equipment financing.

3) Tailor-made/personalized finance loans.

4) Operating leases: an operating lease is an expense that remains off-balance sheet.

5) Known as a sole funding source.

6) Equipment loan terms from 6 to 84 months, depending on what suits the client best.

7) 6-24 months – bridge and private loan.

Testimonials include:

Oz is very knowledgeable in his field. He is able to quickly understand the business models and needs of his clients. It’s a pleasure to work with him, and I also noticed how ready he is to help his teammates to achieve the best results. I highly recommend Oz Yousefian.”

“In the 38 years I’ve been in business, there have been many people I’ve enjoyed working with, but only a handful that I truly respect for their work ethic and integrity. Oz Yousefian is one of those special people you don’t often meet in your career. Having the opportunity to work with Oz has shown me that when you have great respect for your client, a synergy develops that makes business relationships almost effortless and enjoyable. Unfortunately, this type of business relationship is a rarity that one can only hope will happen more often.

“Oz is a pleasure to work with. Always has great ideas to take to the next level. Attention to detail while understanding the big picture, he is very professional in his approach and always ready to find ways to solve a challenge. »

According to Oz, “Why Nexus? Keep your finger on the pulse of corporate finance with insights from Nexus Finance.”

About Oz Yousefian, MBA

As an entrepreneurial and highly skilled consultant, global analyst and financial expert with over fifteen years of success in custom finance lending, trade finance and infrastructure sector finance, he is a champion of analytics focused on the data to establish and sustain organizations while rectifying asset management opportunities. Founder of several companies during and just after his BS degree, and later earning an MBA, Oz is known as an analytical, innovative and strategic business owner who leads Nexus as a customer-centric company.

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