Nick Saban accepts responsibility for Alabama loss to LSU


With a 32-31 loss at No.10 USL Saturday evening, n°6 Alabama effectively ended any chance he had of making the college football playoffs. It’s also the second time since 2015 that the Crimson Tide have lost two games in the regular season.

Infractions were not tracked after half-time, with both teams scoring 25 points in the second half and overtime. After the game, Alabama head coach Nick Saban took responsibility for the defense, allowing as many points after the break.

“Listen, I can’t blame the players,” Saban said, via Bama Central. “I’m responsible for all of that, so if we haven’t done it well, that’s on me, and we need to do a better job of training the players to give them a better chance of success and when we have opportunities, we take advantage of them.

Although being out of contention for a national championship fell short of expectations for a Saban-era Alabama team, the head coach stressed to his players that there was still plenty to play for the rest. of the season.

“I told them we all have a chance, we all have a legacy that we want to maintain in terms of the pride we have in our performance, as well as our expectations,” Saban said. “And I told every player that they can develop value in their stock by continuing to try to play well and improve, and we can create value as a team if we continue to do the things we need to do to improve as a team.”

Since the start of the college football playoffs in the 2014 season, Alabama has only missed the tournament once: in the 2019 season, when LSU went undefeated. It’s rare for Alabama to play without the motivation of a championship in sight.

The Crimson Tide travel to Oxford, Mississippi to take on the 11th Ole Miss on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.

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