Optical illusion hurts viewers’ brains


AN optical illusion hurts the brains of some viewers while leaving others wondering if they can see the real artwork.

Artist Erik Johansson is responsible for the latest image which is wowing Reddit users.


Artist Erik Johansson Created This Image That Has Some People Scratching Their HeadsCredit: @erik.joh/Instagram

The optical illusion shared on the website has prompted dozens of comments about how it affects viewers’ brains.

Titled The Architect, the image features a man working at a desk alongside a dog.

“Is it inside or outside?” Johansson wrote in an Instagram post showcasing the artwork.

“It is a question of perspective.”

On his website, Johansson captioned it: Imagine the Unimaginable.

“I have a great fascination with geometry and playing with perspective,” he explained.

“Just the fact that it’s possible to create or draw something that’s not possible in the real world, but still feels possible. As if our mind wants it to make sense, even though it doesn’t. .”

One viewer wrote on Reddit, “This is a good illustration of the limits of the human brain.

“It’s just a flat white canvas with pigment applied, but it’s virtually impossible for our brains to process it as such.”

“Well executed, nice job,” wrote one viewer.

But not everyone was so quick to praise the artistry behind the illusion. Some found the image difficult to see.

“It’s cool, but seeing the roof makes me explode,” one user added.

“Is it wrong that I hate this? My brain doesn’t approve,” wrote another.

“The background kinda ruined the optical illusion,” someone else wrote.

Some users have taken note of the artist’s influence.

“He’s definitely an artist who was inspired by MC Escher. Very cool and trippy,” wrote one user.

Optical illusions have taken the internet by storm for years.

But a recent resurgence has Reddit users testing the limits of their eyes and brains.

With this particular illusion, viewers are challenged to see the house as intended.

“Thanks my brain hurts now LoL,” wrote one Reddit user.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one. Lol. I have pain behind my eyes,” said another.

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