Pete Davidson Returns To Evacuate Overlong Movies In Music Video Starring Simon Rex – Deadline


Pete Davidson was back Saturday Night Live this evening after taking a break to shoot his latest film. His first track on his return was a music video, in which he talked about movies getting too long.

The topic has returned to the pop culture conversation thanks to the new Batman film, the duration of which is 2h56m.

In the song, dedicated to “short films”, Davidson refers The Batmansinging that “I peed my pants twice” when he went to see the movie at a cinema.

The video features frequent Davidson musical collaborator Chris Redd and episode musical guest Gunna, with the trio highlighting (and recreating) shorter tracks like The Lion King, Bad Moms Austin Powers and Liar Liar as well as long films like Once upon a time in America, Amadeus and Heat.

Simon Rex is a surprising guest star as Ernest P. Worrell, the popular character in a host of modest length films.

The foursome praise the “three-minute shorts before every Pixar film” for being so succinct before they were seen bowling while watching the Pixar short. Bao.

Davidson makes a scientific analysis of jurassic park and Sex and the City 2trying to explain why the latter is 20 min longer.

The video ends with a shot of Davidson’s own film, The King of Staten Island, i.e. 2h17m.

“But we needed all those minutes,” he said.

Watch the video above.


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