Philadelphia Eagles rush attack hits all-time highs


PHILADELPHIA – On Monday night in Chicago, NFL fans saw a Minnesota team that have passed first-round picks to center and left in recent seasons, as well as a second-round pick to left guard, buckle up against the Bears in front overwhelming to the point that a high-volume passer in Kirk Cousins ​​had his career all-time low in terms of passing distance because the veteran was never able to get up to speed. ‘easy.

Fast forward to Tuesday in Philadelphia and you saw an Eagles team up to their fifth and sixth options at offensive guard posts while pulling off a rushed attack that compiled a breathtaking 238 yards in a 27-17 on the Washington football team.

Miles Sanders led the team with a career-high 131 yards on 18 carries while teammate Jordan Howard, returning after missing two games with a knee injury, had 69 more in 15 carries. .

The last of the three-pronged offense was the so-called plus one from quarterback Jalen Hurts, who ran 38 yards on eight carries, including two sneaking up for touchdowns, giving him 10 yards on the season.

“I mean, what weren’t they doing?” Said Washington star defensive tackle Jonathan Allen. “At the end of the day, I have to play better. If I play better, I give our team a better chance of winning. If our defensive line is playing better, we give our team a better chance of winning. [defensive line], this game is on the [defensive line]. “

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The frustration of one of the best interior defensive linemen in the game was noticeable given that he wasn’t blocked by Landon Dickerson or Jack Driscoll, let alone Brandon Brooks and Issac Seumalo.

And they did it against the NFL’s fifth-ranked race defense.

Sua Opeta, who was making her first start of the season in place of COVID-stricken Dickerson, and jack-of-all-trades Nate Herbig rounded out the O-Line three-star center star Jason Kelce, who looked like a sprinter while coming down the field on a long run from Sanders, and tackle Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata.

“It’s awesome,” Howard exclaimed of the rushed attack. “The offensive line does a great job. The tight ends, the receivers and the coaches – they put us in a great position and Jalen hits the right hits. They all make our jobs easier to do. They make our jobs easier to do. [create]gigantic holes and it surprises you because it’s like there aren’t such big holes in the NFL so it’s surprising but we don’t complain about it.

“You just can’t hesitate, especially in the NFL because that hole will close really quickly. So you have to hit it as soon as you see it.”

The Eagles are the first team to run for 175 yards or more in seven straight games since the Chicago Bears in 1985, which were fueled by one of the greatest runners of all time, Walter Payton.

Dallas Goedert wore a costume from one of his favorite holiday movies, Elf.

With Philadelphia, everyone contributes.

“It takes everyone,” said head coach Nick Sirianni. “It does. It always starts with the offensive line, and we have some serious guys up the line. I don’t want to single them out – all of them. What a great job from Sua Opeta to step in and play a good game, too, for to be able to lead the ball like we did and protect like we did against, again, like I said, a very good defense that I have a lot of respect for with good players up front.

“And so it starts there. Our backs, we have a good backstroke stable, we have our receivers blocking on the perimeter. Dallas Goedert is one of the best blocking blocks in the NFL not to mention what he’s got. actually catching soccer. I think Jack Stoll is really coming, and Jalen is just giving you another element of the running game that’s hard to stop. “

Wounded and his ability to affect opposing defenses with secret sauce, according to Sirianni.

“The forward wins games, the back side wins championships, that’s what I’ve always learned,” said Sirianni. “I know we’re not in championship mode, but it’s a saying that the back is so important. When you have a quarterback like Jalen who really does the back they almost have to respect the back. rear- side in case he shoots [the football]. “

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Goedert drew on the lessons of famous offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

“It starts all the way from the call to the game to coach Stout, how he trains the O line,” said the TE Eagles star who had a career-high 135 yards receiving seven catches. “It’s all about the repetition. It’s about 1,000 reps on how to kick. Not 1,000 kicks, you know what I mean?

“It’s doing the same thing over and over and getting really good at what you do. And I think from the top of our depth chart on the offensive line to the bottom, whoever we hire will do a good job. because of how detailed they are. How detailed we are in facilities, in practice, things like that. “

The final piece of the puzzle, according to Goedert, is the standard itself.

The next man shouldn’t just step in, he should perform at the same high level.

“You don’t want to be the guy who goes out there and destroys it,” Goedert said. “Sua did a great job stepping in.”

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