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Starpoint high school students have spent the entire year during the pandemic preparing for the tough PA exams, only to make UPS lose the exams; Without scores, students could miss out on expensive college credits, a big plus for college admissions

Schumer says UPS must track exams or reimburse students for test fees and college credits

Schumer at UPS: It’s ‘Multiple Choice’ – Find Tests or Reimburse Students

After receiving a letter from students at Starpoint High School in Lockport, NY, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today asked United Parcel Service (UPS) CEO Carol B. Tomé directly , to use whatever means necessary to locate more than 100 lost AP exams taken by Starpoint students.

“This one is multiple choice: UPS can find the exams or reimburse the students, outright” Senator Schumer said. “UPS must work as hard to find those lost exams as the students at Starpoint who have worked endless and stressful hours in the midst of a pandemic to prepare for them. These hard-working students learned the intricacies of the American Revolution, Civil War, civil rights struggle and more and they don’t deserve the indignity of a half-baked effort to find the missing exams. . Instead, UPS must pull out all the stops, find the missing exam box, and honor its work with a fair result. “

Senator Schumer’s letter to UPS CEO Tomé appears below:

Dear Madame Tomé,

I am writing to draw further attention to a troubling case of missing United Parcel Service (UPS) courier packages, namely the Advanced Placement History (AP) Review and AP Literature Review reports. , in Lockport, NY. And to urge the UPS to devote all the time and resources necessary to rectify this situation to the aggrieved and naturally anxious students of Starpoint High School and their parents. Test material sent to the College Board for grading, each with the potential to carry expensive, valuable and deserved college credit and potentially critical to the success of the students’ application to college, was lost somewhere in a UPS facility. in New Jersey. The UPS must take immediate action to rectify this situation.

More than 100 exams taken by students at Starpoint High School, many graduates who bravely braved pandemic restrictions and spent an entire school year preparing, are, at present, nowhere to be found. From what I understand, following the AP United States History and AP English Literature exams, the supervisors and school officials followed all instructions set out by the College Board and sent the exams via UPS for them to be noted. Now, with no material to grade, students who spent countless hours studying for this major exam find themselves with no grades, no key potential improvement for college acceptance, and no potential for college credit.

Therefore, I request that UPS take all necessary steps to locate these exams, which the College Board believes will be graded upon receipt. Additionally, if tests are not found and scores cannot be assigned, UPS must reimburse each affected student for both the costs of the tests and any demonstrable loss of college credit.

The time and effort required to prepare for and pass an advanced level exam is considerable. Students gain considerable and nuanced learning in the hope of achieving a score that will improve their ability to gain admission to the colleges of their choice, as well as the possibility of earning college credit – and the possibility of one working. hard to prepare and then being denied a result due to an error like this is both unfair and painful. Punishing good students for a logistical error at UPS would be unfair, and I hope UPS’s focused work can rectify the situation. Please let me know how UPS is working with the students, their parents and guardians and the school to remedy this situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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