Prosecutor Diego Luciani and fantastic literature


Hyperbole is the most mistaken allegorical figure and, therefore, in fiction and fantasy literature. Because, in essence, nothing must be proven, nothing can be proven; In practice, it is humanly impossible to perform any test. who will enter Jar Who holds three tons of documents? (and goes to look at the documents one by one) Precisely, who is going to check the fifty or so journeys (theirs multiplied by thousands of kilometres)? Who is going to verify that “the seventeen works were not voted on by Congress”, when they were voted on only under another name? Who will follow the nine indictment hearings? Who will count the money, which is measured in billions?

prosecutor Diego Luciani seems to have read carefully Garcia Marquez, which uses this figure as a method. especially in “The Burial of” great motherWhere the essence of the fictional scene resembles the present, no less fictional: “No one knew the origin or the extent or the true value of the inheritance, but everyone has grown accustomed to believing that Big Mama was the waterbender.” . About streams and standing waters, rain and rain, and local roads, telegraph poles, leap years and summer, and also that he had inherited the rights to life and property . /…/ First magistrate, second instance, third debate, letter of recommendation, historical record, free election, beauty queens, divine speech, great performance, eminent women, very gentleman, honorable soldier, his honor, Supreme Court of Justice, articles Prohibited Import, Liberal Women, The Meat Problem, Purity of Language, Examples for the World, Legal Order, Free but Responsible Press, South American Athens, Public Opinion, Democratic Lessons, Christian Ethics, Lack of Currency, Law of asylum, the communist threat, the ship of the state, the cost of living, republican traditions, the underprivileged classes, the messages of membership”. The story is therefore built on this structural and structural premise: that of exaggeration. Which is a figure of increase, in which there is usually an exaggeration, intentionally, never innocent, in this case for the purpose of accusing and punishing, for the purpose of dishonouring.

This is not the first time that there has been an exchange between personalities in the literary field (more precisely, rhetorically) and practices or legal concepts. On the contrary, it often happens. The concept of “chance” was born in the courts of Rome; Repetition, analogy are permitted; Metaphors or metaphors are in all languages. Furthermore, Roland Barths recalls that rhetoric, both as an exercise and as a teaching, finds its origin in Sicily in the summer of the beginning of the 5th century BC, precisely in legal trials, including those of the popular jury. Initially, rights were regulated by the ownership of lands that had been occupied by former tyrants.

Prosecutor Luciani’s allegation in the so-called Vialidad trial cannot provoke these reflections, since it fulfills all the conditions (and more) to identify it as a literary fiction. And it is very similar to other procedures, in its previous course; Universal judicial history is replete with laws), only that they were not called the one in which the slanderers had already been condemned before being judged. Besides the “witch hunt”, the heirs of the biblical stones, the “witch hunt”, are famous at the height of the trial of Galileo Galilei and the lesser known but “Copernican” deformity of Tommaso Campanella; More modernly, in the 20th century, under Nazism, the Black Trial to burn down the Reichstag, which paved the way for Adolf Hitler to absolute power and outlawed the truly powerful German Communist Party; In the midst of the Cold War (1953), in the United States, the condemned spouses Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are murdered in an electric chair without charge of espionage on the side of the Soviet Union., Under late Stalinism, the trial of the protesting poet Joseph Brodsky, years later the Nobel Prize for Literature, also wanted to be convicted of vagrancy, and when asked what his job was and replied that he lived from translation . If so, the court questioned him. , Confused: But no, come on, we mean the job! In each of them, the emphasis is on prevailing logic, common sense, common sense in the absence of evidence. General, environmental education, environmental thinking, trends and standards of their governments according to the times.

For all these reasons, neither the main defendant nor the politically oppressed Vice President, Dr. Christina KirchnerHe lacked grounds to support his appearance as a respondent at the first public hearing in December 2019: “History has acquitted me and will acquit me, and history will condemn you“/…/”It’s an ‘act of law’, that the media publish things that are not on file or that have been proven”, he also denounced.

In formula with Macri, vice-presidential candidate Miguel Angel Picchetto referenced the Vialidad case against Christina Kirchner last Friday and said “the system of proof of an illegal union will be difficult to shut down.” He confirmed: “It seems to me that the government is made to commit crimes. days before federal prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Molla Christina Kirchner, assuring in an interview that she does not see a “reassuring element” in the case in which the vice-president is under investigation.

In the strictest law, which we study in the Faculty, which has been consecrated over the years, even in Argentina, other figures of exaggeration and rhetoric are enough to accuse any citizen of any crime. are not. You need evidence. At least that’s what the books say, if taken into account.

*Author, university professor.


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