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Marvel Studios has finally released Taika Waititi’s first trailer Thor: Love and Thunder. The highly anticipated teaser revealed a lot about the long-awaited sequel, from the Guardians of the Galaxy supporting role to Jane Foster’s new Mighty Thor armor, but the main villain – Christian Bale’s Gorr the Butcher God, who kills the divinity – is not found. . He could appear in a later trailer, or Marvel could save the big reveal for the movie itself.

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Villains from the solo Thor movies have been a mixed bag. Some of them have been iconic and unforgettable, like Hela and the Grandmaster, while others have been generic and one-dimensional, like Malekith and the Destroyer. And then, of course, there’s Loki, who goes from ally to foe and back again (or vice versa) at least once per film.

6 The destroyer

thor vs destroyer

The secondary villain of the first Thor The movie, The Destroyer, is a typical CGI threat. It is a common misconception that the Destroyer is a cyborg; it’s actually magically animated Asgardian armor. In the final of the first Thor movie, he is sent to Earth to fight Thor. Like most Marvel side villains, the Destroyer is a faceless physical threat that only exists to tone down the climactic action with a big fight scene.

Design-wise, the Destroyer looks more like the “Modern Art” statue of the end of the world than a magical Viking robot. The fight against the destroyer provides the film with a warm-up battle before the final showdown on the Rainbow Bridge, but her role as a character is mostly superficial.

5 Malekith

Malekith in Thor The Dark World

Every time the MCU is accused of having a “villain problem”, Thor: The Dark WorldMalekith the Accused’s main antagonist is usually one of the first examples used. The leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith is a classic example of a one-dimensional Marvel villain.

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Malekith speaks exclusively in diabolical soundbites that outline his vaguely defined plan. He’s barely rounded as a character and feels more like an afterthought in the script. This one-note role seriously squandered Christopher Eccleston’s vast acting talents.


4 surtur

Thor captured by Surtur in Thor Ragnarok.

Based on the mythological being Surtr with an extra vowel added to his name, Surtur is the third most prominent villain in Thor: Ragnarok. Usually third-tier antagonists in the MCU are entirely forgettable – and Surtur is nowhere near as memorable as his more personality-driven cohorts, Hela and the Grandmaster – but this fiery beast is a far more interesting character than he is. has no right to be. He is voiced by Clancy Brown, better known as the voice of Mr. Krabs.

Like the Destroyer, Surtur’s role in the story is purely a physical threat. Surtur may not be as memorable as the film’s other two villains, who have much bigger and goofier personalities, but he’s still a lot of fun. A part of RagnarokThe funniest moments of involve Surtur, including the opening joke: “Thor, son of Odin”. “Surtur, son of…ab***h, you’re still alive!”

3 the grand master

Jeff Goldblum gives a typically eccentric performance as Grand Master, the ruler of Sakaar, in Thor: Ragnarok. The Grand Master forces his slaves (or “prisoners with jobs”, as he prefers to call them) to fight in a gladiator fight. He’s a remorselessly evil character, but it’s impossible to hate him because Goldblum is so charming and dryly hilarious.

Thankfully, Waititi forgoes an accurate blue-skinned portrayal of the grandmaster to avoid burying Goldblum’s expressive face under prosthetics and makeup. Grandmaster doesn’t pose the same physical, thematic, or existential threat as Hela, but he steals every scene he’s in.

2 Loki

Unlike its sequel, the first Thor The film avoids the usual MCU “villain problem” by forging a tangible relationship between hero and villain. Loki is the resentful adopted brother of the heir to the throne of Asgard. Where Thor has to overcome his arrogance, Loki has to overcome his jealousy and bitterness (it took him a few movies in the end).

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Kenneth Branagh, Hollywood’s go-to filmmaker for mainstream adaptations of Shakespeare, brings real Shakespearean weight to the brothers’ tragic love/hate relationship. Most Marvel movie villains only stick around for one movie, but Tom Hiddleston played Loki with enough depth and charisma that the trickster god became as popular with fans as any of the most moral superheroes. motivated. A decade later, he’s still a prominent figure in the MCU with his own hit streaming show.

1 Hela

hela breaks thor's hammer

Unless Gorr the Butcher God can surpass her in love and thunderHela is easily the biggest villain in the game. Thor franchise. The older sister of Thor, the long-lost Goddess of Death, has the grandmaster’s quirky personality with Loki’s family connection and existential threat. When Odin dies, he confesses that he locked up Hela and that his death will set her free. Suffice to say, that’s a lot for Thor.

Hela symbolizes all the conflicts in Thor’s life: his complicated family history, his struggles as king, the connection between his powers and his homeworld – she threatens everything that matters to the god of thunder (or “god of hammers”). “). Cate Blanchett gives a delightfully hammered villain performance, evoking the mustachioed villains of classic Disney cartoons.

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