Report: Clippers take flexible approach to final roster spot


Although the LA Clippers currently have a spot on the open roster, the team may not be in a rush to fill it. In a recent article by Andrew Greif of the LA Times, it was reported that the Clippers currently have little urgency to take their last spot on the roster. Instead, the team is more interested in staying flexible, understanding the versatility of their roster.

While a backup center would be the most logical addition to this list, the Clippers frequently choose to play small, slippery players like Nicolas Batum, Robert Covington and Marcus Morris there. That’s not to say the Clippers won’t add a big backup eventually, but the urgency to do so would be low at this point. By the time the season begins and the dust has settled on potential league changes that are set to occur, the Clippers should have a better idea of ​​who is available for that 15th spot on the roster.

With this latest report indicating the team is in no rush to sign an available free agent to their final roster, there’s reason to believe the Clippers are keeping a close eye on pending league trades before finalizing their roster. That’s not to say the Clippers expect to get directly involved in blockbuster moves, but the consequences of those trades often result in the availability of certain players that were previously unobtainable.

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It’s reasonable to predict that the Clippers will indeed enter next season with a backup center on the roster, but maintaining flexibility throughout an offseason that projects to produce several blockbuster deals allows the team to potentially improve in ways that are currently not possible.

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