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WILMINGTON – Recently, Wilmington native Sharmetha Ramanan also known by her stage name Shaya was nominated by the Boston Music Awards for R&B Artist of the Year.

The Boston Music Awards, founded in 1987, are an annual collection of awards that showcase the musical talent of the Massachusetts area.

These awards are the local version of the Grammy Awards and highlight how far the local music scene has come over the past year and provide insight into the future direction of Boston’s music scene for the coming year.

Shaya started her career as a recording artist a year ago, but music has been a part of her all of her life.

Growing up in Wilmington, Shaya remembers being inspired from an early age by Wilmington Public School’s music program. Her interest in music continued to grow throughout her student years and eventually led her to further her musical education by attending Boston University.

Shaya attended the 2021 The Boston Music Awards, which took place on December 8, 2021. While she did not walk away with the award she was nominated for, she is grateful for the opportunities that have just been nominated.

“It was crazy to see my name against famous people I know,” Shaya said, “Being nominated is a great honor and opened a lot of doors for my career.”

Since her appointment, Shaya has received much more recognition in the music industry and is confident that she will continue to move her music career forward in a positive direction.

The Ramanan family still resides in Wilmington, and no matter where her recording career takes her, Shaya will always have fond memories of her hometown of Wilmington.

For more information on Shaya’s R&B recordings, visit her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, or find her on Spotify.

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