Robert Covington blasts Philadelphia fans and defends Ben Simmons


Philadelphia 76ers teammates Ben Simmons and Robert Covington were together for some of the last “process” years as the 76ers really began to transform their organization. Covington played and started in 80 games for the 76ers in the 2017-18 season, before moving to Minnesota as part of the Jimmy Butler deal in the 2018-19 season.

Having played 297 total games for the Philadelphia 76ers, spread over five seasons, Covington knows that fan base as well as anyone. In a recent Instagram post, Covington used that knowledge to defend Ben Simmons. In a Bleacher Report article that showed a 76ers fan mocking Ben Simmons, Covington commented, “Philly at his best. Now you see why he wanted out.”

Philadelphia fans, across all sports, are known to be some of the most hostile in sports. Playing nearly 300 games for the 76ers, Covington is certainly qualified to speak on the subject, and did so while defending former teammate Ben Simmons. Although he didn’t play in that game, Simmons certainly had to watch his new team sail to a resounding victory over his old team. The Brooklyn Nets dominated from start to finish, crushing the 76ers in a notable road victory.

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