Rodney Adams makes solid bid in toughest list battle


The toughest cups in the NFL will arrive on August 31, and there will be more heartache among the Bears wide receivers than at any other position.

Even without Anthony Miller, it was a crowded fight with only the top two solid positions, but Damiere Byrd and Marquise Goodwin apparently settled behind them.

Only one or two more spots seem possible among the rest and after what Rodney Adams has done in two games, as well as a training camp, cutting it would be an extremely difficult decision, especially after Saturday’s 73-yard touchdown on five hours of sleep.

“It was nice to send the ball deep to Rodney,” said Bears quarterback Andy Dalton. “He did an amazing play. He just had a baby and did this play. I think he rocked the baby afterwards. It was pretty good.”

It was Adams’ post-TD celebration, perhaps the most elegant and relevant TD celebration in league history. He rocked football like it was Brexleigh Michelle Adams, the little girl his wife just had.

“Man, that was… amazing isn’t even the word,” Adams said. “Having it yesterday, going out and scoring a touchdown for her and my wife. Man, this is crazy. This is crazy.”

Adams didn’t get your traditional five hours of sleep before coming to the game.

“I slept in the hospital last night,” he said. “From the hospital, I drove to the stadium.

“I slept on the couch with her right next to me.”

Adams has seven catches for 146 yards and one touchdown for 73 yards to lead all of the Bears’ preseason receivers in both categories. Preseason catch and yardage tally doesn’t usually mean as much as you might think, but at least it shows he’s in the roster battle and doing better than some of the other receivers. less established.

Javon Wims and Riley Ridley are its main competitors.

They have a key game coming up against Tennessee and all contenders for spots have to show up. Wims and Ridley both had penalties in Week 1, but avoided them on Saturday. Ridley has two preseason catches for 29 yards and Wims none.

For now, Adams is focusing on that, not the cuts.

“I mean, I don’t want to,” he said. “But I try to improve 100% every day. I don’t think 10 days in advance. What is the challenge of tomorrow? What is the challenge for the next day?

“I don’t think 10 days in advance, I think about what will happen tomorrow.”

Adams, who was on the practice squad last year, knows it will be tough in the receiving room. Some of those cuts could be back in the training squad, which has been extended again this year to 16 due to the pandemic as was the case last year.

“I don’t even watch it,” he said. “We’re a family in this room, I’m just blessed to be in this room. We all go out and compete every day. We help each other improve every day.

“We don’t look at the numbers, we are a family, we just played the game.”

Adams now has two families to occupy his thoughts towards the important date.

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