Roll Call of the Crimson Tide: July 3, 2021


Today is… National Compliment Your Mirror Day

Bama Central Featured …

Have you noticed

  • Former Alabama pitcher David Robertson has been officially named the U.S. baseball team player for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics:
  • Crimson Tide offensive lineman Chris Owens has arguably the most impressive resume for potential NIL endorsers, even writing that he will review every offer with the Alabama Compliance Department:
  • NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke with Andy Katz regarding the NIL and its impact on varsity athletics:
  • And Alabama junior defensive back Demarcco Hellams expressed his excitement about returning to the field this fall:

Countdown to the opening of Crimson Tide 2021:

63 days

On this date in Crimson Tide history:

July 3, 1950: Retired athletic director and football coach Frank Thomas has returned to work after a long absence from work due to a heart attack suffered the previous year. Jeff Coleman was interim athletic director during Thomas’ illness. – Bryant Museum

Quote of the day on the crimson tide:

“When I was young I wanted to win terribly, and I still love to win. But the greatest pleasure I get from football is watching over there and seeing people who haven’t been to school for 10 or 15 years, people who maybe haven’t played a sock. , and to see them do well after they get out of here. It is important to take your place in society and give back something positive. “- Paul W.” Bear “Bryant speaking at an awards banquet in New York honoring the 52 best high school athletes in America on that date in 1980

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