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You get the feeling that Destiny Parker is just heating up.

Parker has a golden voice that shouldn’t belong to a 17-year-old.

“It will surprise you with its softness,” said Roxane Carrasco. “She will also surprise you with the most ferocity.”

Carrasco is one of Parker’s instructors at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts in Paradise Hills, where Parker is a senior wearing a 4.3 GPA.

Just listening to her warm-up to sing for an NBC 7 camera causes chills.

“I think it’s a way for me to feel free and escape tough days, but I also like to do it for fun,” Parker said.

Life just got a lot more fun.

Parker was accepted to the highly selective Berklee College of Music in Boston and received a full scholarship of $ 184,000.

“I screamed and then I screamed at my family, ‘Oh my God! Destiny! Fate has entered Berklee! Carrasco exclaimed.

“I wasn’t expecting any of this,” smiled Parker, who also seemed overwhelmed by the honor.

Parker said Berklee awarded only eight scholarships out of nearly 7,000 applicants. She hoped that education would help her achieve her goal of becoming an artist and actress.

Parker would follow the lead of another San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts student: Andra Day. Day was recently nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for her lead role in The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

“I just want to do whatever I can to reach my full potential,” Parker said.

This potential could have been easily derailed at any point in his life.

“She survived a bit; her and her mother, ”Carrasco said.

Parker was born in Bulgaria. His family moved to the United States when Parker was still young. However, his father abandoned his family. Parker, her mother and Parker’s little brother lived in a shelter at one point until the single mom put the family on her back.

“She’s so strong. We’ve been through a lot together, ”Parker sighed. “Everything that has happened this year and throughout my life is because of her.

Parker still has work to do. The Berklee scholarship covers tuition fees only. She said she was applying for grants and other scholarships to cover accommodation and board.

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