SMU transfers Kendric Davis’ blogs with Sports Illustrated on his commitment to Memphis and Penny Hardaway


Kendric Davis dominated the AAC last season and won conference player of the year honors.

Kendric Davis was the American Athletic Conference Player of the Year this season after averaging 19.4 points per game at SMU to lead the league. He decided to transfer when Mustangs head coach Tim Jankovich announced his retirement in March and ranked No. 2 in Sports Illustrated’s top prospects on the transfer portal. Davis wrote an exclusive blog with SI breaking down his decision and the thought process behind it.

Hey world, this is Kendric Davis and I’m here to talk about my engagement.

Well, first I would like to thank SMU for all they have done for me. The fan base was amazing to me and without their support none of this would be possible. I want to say that.

That being said, my mother and I have decided that I will go to the University of Memphis.

It happened at Memphis, Texas Tech, TCU Kansas, and Houston, and I can tell you there were definitely some sleepless nights because I had some really good options.

The coaches were making really great throws and I was being pulled in different ways.

For me, however, it was all about fit.

I wanted to go somewhere where I could showcase my game, but also be on the big stage.

Of course, everyone knows who Coach Penny (Hardaway) is; he’s one of the greatest point guards of all time, and just being in the city of Memphis is going to be super dynamic with me and Ja Morant to watch.

Ja Morant

Ja Morant contacted Kendric Davis to bring him to Memphis.

You’re telling me you’re going to see Ja one day and Kendric the next!

Male! it’s going to be big!

The ultimate deciding factor was that Penny Hardaway was going to be my mentor and teacher. He told me coming there would be the biggest news since Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose.

For him to say that, it meant a lot to me and my family. Just having that level of expectation is something I really embrace.

It’s bittersweet because God knows I didn’t want to leave SMU. Being in the portal just means that someone has left and you have to look for the right person again.

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The good thing, though, is that I know I found this in Memphis.

When I knew I was going to choose Memphis, I FaceTimed Coach Penny while he was working out at the gym.

He just screamed and screamed and started running with his hands in the air and everyone around him was worried like he didn’t know what was going on.

He kept saying, “We got it! We got it! The city is about to go crazy! The city is about to go crazy!

Then he said he had to call me back. He was so excited he needed a minute! Haha!

It was love!

It’s easy to play for a coach who already knows your game. We played together in the same conference and had several battles. He said he wanted to use me the same as SMU because he knows it works. There’s no real adjustment with that; go to another school, they should make adjustments and learn things about my game.

I am so relieved.

My uncle and my mom were the two who got blown up every day and they were so ready for this to end.

Now I can focus on my pre-Draft workouts and relax more because I found the perfect fit.

I put my name in the draft and I’ll do the pre-draft in Phoenix, but then I’ll be in Memphis.

I’m going through the process but definitely planning on being in Memphis. I’m excited about this.

I chose Memphis because I felt I could take my game to the next level under a proven coach who dominated the position I was playing. I feel like we have the parts to make a run, and I’m excited about the fans and the city.

Ja held out his hand to me and he kept saying we were going to shoot the town!

I want the city of Memphis to prepare because it’s going to be a show!

Go Tigers go!

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