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Just like many other young actors in the HBO fantasy series game of thrones, Sophie Turner had her big break thanks to the show. Born in 1996, Turner was still a teenager when she was cast as Sansa Stark and went on to portray the character for all eight seasons of the show.

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Her character gradually transformed from a spoiled young noblewoman to a brave woman who overcame all the challenges she faced in the past. Although Sansa continues to be Sophie Turner’s best-known role, the young actress has also appeared in several films of various genres. Some of his work has received high ratings online and no fan of Turner’s run as Sansa should miss watching his best films.


4 X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Sophie Turner is one of many actresses who can say she joined a running superhero series and also one of the few female heroines to have her own solo movie. The character of Jean Gray is complicated, as Jean struggles with her powers as well as her past life. Fortunately, she makes friends and finds a temporary home with the other mutants. Of course, the focus in this movie is on battling the overpowered former mutant Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac.

Jean’s personal story also works through Turner’s script and performance. The movie features several big names, so it works as an ensemble superhero piece, but that doesn’t mean Turner fans won’t see her a lot in X-Men: Apocalypse. An interesting fact is that before the role of Jean Gray was given to Sophie Turner, other famous actresses were considered for the role, and not just a few. Any of Elle Fanning, Chloë Grace Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Saoirse Ronan, Daisy Ridley, Lily Collins or Margot Robbie could have been Jean!

3 The Thirteenth Tale (2013)

Even Sophie Turner fans who have seen her in her two most famous roles – as Sansa Stark in game of thrones and like Jean Gray in the x-men series – may not know his very first film. Two years after joining the cast of game of thrones, Turner appeared in a British TV horror movie alongside other household names, such as Olivia Colman and Vanessa Redgrave. The film tells the story of a dying writer, Vida, who asks a young writer Margaret to write her autobiography. As Vida reminisces about her past, it becomes apparent that there is something dark lurking there.

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The film creates a spooky atmosphere and offers more than one surprising scene. Even though Sophie Turner doesn’t have a leading role in The Thirteenth Tale, still impossible to miss in the film since she embodies not one but two characters! Turner portrayed the younger version of Vida as well as her twin sister Adeline who died young. She gives a solid performance in both parts and the rest of the cast doesn’t disappoint either. With less than three thousand ratings on IMDb, The Thirteenth Tale is one of many hidden gems buried in Turner’s filmography.

2 Time Monster (2018)

Time travel is a popular sci-fi trope in movies, and it’s sometimes combined with other genres, like romance. time monster is a sci-fi romantic comedy about a young college student named Stillman (Asa Butterfield) who struggles to deal with the breakup with his girlfriend Debbie (Turner). When he gets the chance to travel back in time, Stillman decides to find out when exactly the relationship went wrong and to fix things so Debbie doesn’t break up with him. However, this mission turns out to be much more complicated than he had first suspected.

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Asa Butterfield and Sophie Turner work well as a duo, even though their characters aren’t together for much of the film. time monsters is fast-paced and can sometimes make the audience laugh as well as consider the moral issue of time travel in order to mend a broken relationship. Whether what Stillman does is wrong or right doesn’t change the fact that time monster is an enjoyable movie in which Sophie Turner proves she can pull off the sci-fi genre as well as the fantasy genre.

1 X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

It is true that X-Men: Dark Phoenix didn’t get ratings as high as the other films in the x-men franchise. However, that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t enjoyable for superhero fans. Even if the script doesn’t always do the characters justice (like when it removes Quicksilver from the story to make it harder for the heroes to win), the actors give good performances.

Since the film centers around Jean Grey, Sophie Turner understandably has even more space than she had in X-Men: Apocalypse, which in turn gives her the chance to show even more sides of her heroine’s complicated character. In the end, Jean comes across as the likeable one in the film despite all the blunders and mistakes she makes – and Turner’s fantastic performance plays a big part in that.

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