Steph Curry responds to criticism that he ‘ruined’ basketball


For years, older fans, analysts and even players have complained that Warriors star Stephen Curry has ruined the game of basketball. Not everyone is infatuated with his absurd and often demoralizing three-point shot from far behind the arc, instead opting for players living above the edge.

Curry responded to those comments when he spoke to Athleticism Tuesday. The Golden State star didn’t seem too apologetic for his style of play.

“I’ll be tagged on something on social media, like ‘You ruined the game,'” Curry said. “Anyone who knows basketball knows where I stand on that. It’s an amazing way to play the game. It opens up the creation. Everyone loves shooting the ball. But you can’t ignore hard work and years and years and years and years of reps I’ve put in and everyone at this level has. So don’t skip this process. It’s a fun way to play, and it’s great to know that everyone is attached to it.

Unlike his predecessors from decades past, Curry isn’t content to take three-pointers or wide open ones. During his 12-year playing career, he revolutionized the way players shoot the ball by eliminating defenders from dribbling, and he even feels comfortable taking contested shots near half the pitch. He is perhaps the only player who can play this way and be effective.

Curry is shooting 43% from behind the arc for his career, and he broke the all-time three-point record in December. Curry makes no apologies as he continues his run as the greatest shooter of all time.

“People are going to talk s—,” Curry said. “Hate and love and criticism and celebration – everything. That’s why I stay so stable.

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