Story Matter has launched pre-sales for The Child Prophet, an illustrated tale for inner self-healing


The child prophet changes the game to a male-dominated gender and makes the woman the main character of the parable

LOS ANGELES, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Story Matter has launched pre-sales of THE CHILD PROPHET, an illustrated journey for adults on emotional and spiritual self-healing. This modern parable, full of grace and wit in words and illustrations, gives universal clues on how to lead a truer, happier life.

The campaign kicked off with pre-sale opportunities for the first signed hardcover edition on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which has helped many creatives fund their projects. The boutique agency seeks to elevate $7000 for the limited special edition. A concurrent fundraiser on Kickstarter by another author, Brandon Sandersonjust made history as donors pledged $30 million for his next series, thirty times his campaign goal.

THE CHILD PROPHET story, copy and graphics are from Amazon’s best-selling, award-winning author, artist and producer. Renee Topperwho will sign each hard copy of this edition.

When asked what inspired her to make the book, Topper said, “These are amazing times, and we need tools to help us heal and help others heal. THE CHILD PROPHET is such an instrument.” She added that while she was doing a healing meditation, her inner child appeared, “By sharing this story in book form, I aim to share it with more people who are looking for an easy way to find peace in their lives. own life.”

Topper also noted that the decision to format the story as an illustrated parable with two central female characters, one being a child, is to help solve another problem – the majority of parables in the world center on the men.

“Parables inspire and teach lessons in morality or spirituality, and women should be able to see themselves in such stories without having to translate gender,” the author said.

However, many books pre-sell during the campaign, which ends April 21, 2022will be the number of books printed.

THE CHILD PROPHET is Topper’s third book. Her debut novel PIGMENT: MEMBERS OF THE MUKUYU TREE won numerous awards and topped Amazon’s bestseller list.

THE CHILD PROPHET ISBN: 979-8-9859984-0-5.

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