Talk is being sued by co-founder Matze for eviction following the U.S. Capitol riot


Speaking, a social media app popular among right-wing users, is being sued by co-founder John Matze for wrongful dismissal and removal of his 40% stake after the app was taken offline in the wake of the 6 January at the United States Capitol.

In a complaint filed Monday, Matze said Parler officials and investors conspired to steal his stake and fire him from his role as managing director, including laying false misconduct charges, so that co-owner Rebekah Mercer could co-opt the platform for “its brand of conservatism.”

He said this happened after Parler resisted his post-riot efforts to ban “identifiable extremist groups like QAnon and the neo-Nazis,” while preserving the platform as a free forum. expression.

“Matze’s proposal met with dead silence, which he took for a rejection of his proposal,” the complaint said.

Lawyers for the Parler defendants did not immediately respond to requests for comment or could not be reached immediately. Mercer’s father is the wealthy Republican financier and donor Robert Mercer.

Matze is claiming millions of dollars in his lawsuit filed in Nevada state court in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. Parler is based in nearby Henderson, Nevada.

The lawsuit did not specify the value of Matze’s participation in Parler, but accused various defendants of fabricating allegations of misconduct to justify taking it away from him for $ 3.

Talking died out for about a month after Inc Suspended Web Hosting Services Following Attack On Capitol Hill By Supporters Of Then-President Donald trump.

Amazon justified its action by accusing Parler of not having effectively moderated violent content. Parler then sued Amazon, accusing it of trying to destroy its business.

Apple Alphabet Inc Inc. and Google have also removed Talking from their online stores.

Founded in 2018, Parler claimed to have had over 12 million users before sinking. He came back online with a private cloud infrastructure from SkySilk, Los Angeles.

Matze’s complaint was published online by the Las Vegas Sun. A copy could not be immediately located in the online court records.



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