Taylor Swift’s Swifties Urge Her To Remove Her Music From Spotify Following Other Artists


Taylor Swift’s Swifties are also asking her to remove her music from Spotify in solidarity with other artists.

Neil Young followed by Joni Mitchell and others demanded that their music be removed from the streaming platform, due to Joe Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” spreading misinformation about vaccines.

Spotify has decided to keep Rogan’s show until now. Yet calls to rid the platform of the podcast continue to grow, Newsweek reports.

Journalist Carlos Maza tweeted“The way Taylor Swift could end Joe Rogan with a single tweet on Spotify…what’s the delay,” hoping the pop star will join the list of celebrities protesting Spotify’s support of Rogan’s podcast.

Many fans of the artist agree with the reviews. A fan tweeted“Taylor Swift is the 9th most streamed artist in Spotify history – behind Drake, Ed Sheeran, bad bunnyAriana Grande, The Weeknd, justin bieber, Post Malone and Eminem. Among the entire top 10, she was the ONLY one to remove her music from the platform (2014-2017; her peak).

It wouldn’t be the first time that Swift has pulled its catalog from Spotify. In 2014, she pulled her catalog due to her belief that music shouldn’t be free. She wrote an editorial about it for The Wall Street Journal.

“I think music shouldn’t be free and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will one day decide the price of an album,” she said. wrote.



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