Ted Cruz mocked a bizarre rant about ‘queer pet literature’


Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been ridiculed for claiming college students were studying ‘queer pet literature’ in an interview disparaging US President Joe Biden’s student debt relief plans.

The Republican Told a co-host on his podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz this week that workers without student loans were being “fucked” by Democrats and that those studying “queer pet literature” are among those he says will benefit from student debt relief of up to at $20,000.

He claimed the plans support “the guy who studied queer pet literature and is in debt like $100,000 because oddly enough… Other than getting a job at Disney, there’s not much market for queer pet literature”.

Although it is unclear why Mr. Cruz appeared to refer to his previous disney review in support of LGBT+ rights, many social media users widely mocked his comments on “queer pet literature” as outlandish and factually inaccurate.

“So apparently Ted Cruz is saying Queer Pet literature is a thing in college,” one person said in a Tweeter. “Lol, sign me shit! Do queer pets really write?! I want to read that shit!

Another user who said “I did college badly” joked, “So now Ted Cruz says there’s Queer Pet Literature as a course in college! Damn why wasn’t that or the theory of lesbian dancing an option when I was in college?

“The workers also have to pay Cruz’s salary in the Senate,” argued another Twitter user. “By weight of achievement, workers are better off with Queer Pet Literature students.”

Mr Cruz, who said coffee baristas were ‘screwed up’ by Mr Biden and students of ‘queer pet literature’, claimed just last month that baristas were ‘slackers’ who would unfairly benefit student debt relief.

“There’s a real risk that if you’re this lazy barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans and can’t find a job,” he said on his podcast last month. “Joe Biden just gave you $20,000”.

Mr. Cruz, however, said in the latest episode that “the Democrats are shitting in the coffee cup of the baristas, that is, America First.” He also suggested that “not all” baristas are slacker, compared to so-called “queer pet literature” students.

It wasn’t the first time the Republican had referenced weird animals, either. He alleged earlier this year that Disney characters such as Micky and Pluto would “get into it” in “every episode” after the company spoke out in favor of LGBT+ Floridians who were targeted by a law restricting theaters. of class.

“To reference another podcast, Mickey and Pluto get into it, other than getting a job at Disney, there’s not a lot of job market for queer pet literature,” he said. he stated in the recent episode.

Under Mr. Biden’s plans for student debt relief, borrowers who earn less than $125,000 a year and who have received Pell grants will be eligible for $20,000 of debt to be forgiven. Borrowers who did not receive a Pell Grant may have up to $10,000 of their loans forgiven.


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