The 10 Best Dating Movies, According to Reddit


Top Gun: Maverick has people of all ages flocking to cinemas again, reminding people of their youth and the days they saw the original Superior gun film. It was, and apparently still is, a popular choice of night movies, both for those coming out in the 80s and those coming out today.

It was just one of the movies that people on Reddit named when asked for recommendations on the best movies for a date night. Whether it’s a first date or a traditional date, here are some of the movies people love.


Midnight in Paris (2011)

A whimsical masterpiece from the mind of Woody Allen is Midnight in Paris. “Hilarious, with a good love story, and above all very original. Plus, if you love 1920s literature or art, you can see all your favorite artists come to life in one movie,” Reddit said. user 2575349.

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It immerses the audience in a nostalgic time of the past and creates a romantic atmosphere perfect for a romantic evening. Whether it’s a first date or a date in a long-standing relationship, this movie will entertain everyone who watches it.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Suggested Reddit user dbgt616 10 things i hate about you and added, “It’s a bit cheesy, but it’s a classic! Plus you got the Joker and Robin in high school!” It’s one of those unforgettable teen romance movies from the recent past that people still enjoy watching today.

He plays with stereotypes by creating a heroine that’s as unlikable as it is interesting, and a love story that’s a familiar cliché. But it also has something that separates it from all the other movies with that premise. Whether it’s the cast or sharp dialogue, it’s bound to be enjoyable for a date night.

Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Not all date movies are romantic comedies. Reddit user veryselfishshellfish suggested a 2011 horror comedy, The cabin in the woods. “Fun, scary enough to make you jump and cuddle, not so scary that it throws you off.” Horror movies are a great date choice if the people involved are at least a bit of a fan of the genre.

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Comedy mixed with horror vibes will create balance on the date, especially in a relationship that’s just getting started. Laughing together during spooky jumps and getting a little closer during tense horror movie scenes can be a good icebreaker for a first date and give both viewers something to bond with.

Steal Beauty (1996)

steal beauty. The Italian countryside, plus the lovely Liv Tyler and her coming-of-age hijinks…it works,” Reddit user mamacrocker pointed out. While the themes explored in this film may not be suitable for a younger audience, fans of Bertolucci’s achievement will love this.

This movie has that sunny, lazy summer vibe to it, as well as a distinctly romantic and even sexual atmosphere that’s perfect for a date. It deals with everything – the pain, the love, the sex, the introspection of how each viewer will be able to immerse themselves in the story and ultimately enjoy it. Another great aspect is the simple yet beautiful cinematography which really separates it from other films.

Superior Gun (1986)

Just because it’s a date doesn’t mean it has to include a romance movie, and a lot of people love action movies too. Reddit user Teh_Critic suggested this classic: “This is fucking everything! Action scenes, airplanes, volleyball, Tom Skerritt, Danger Zone, lovemaking.”

Superior gun also brings 80s feel-good nostalgia for those who were alive in the decade. It will create a light and slightly sexy atmosphere on a date, providing some laughs and lots of action. This choice will ensure that the date will not be boring.

Spirited Away (2001)

Taken away as if by magic or one of the other amazing Studio Ghibli movies” was suggested by Reddit user Not_a_admin. According to IMDb, of all Studio Ghibli movies, Taken away as if by magic has the highest ranking and there’s a reason for that: the storyline is inspired and magical.

It’s the pinnacle of animation that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. Although it’s animated, the storyline gets surprisingly dark, but what makes it perfect for a date is the sweet air of romance at the end and a happy ending that won’t spoil the evening.

Love Actually (2003)

love in fact“, Reddit user nikolifish said. “Girls love it, and it’s quite watchable for guys. The cast is amazing too, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightly, and I could go on like this forever.” This is also considered one of Hugh Grant’s best films and features a hilarious cameo by Rowan Atkinson.

Not only does this film have a fantastic cast that features the cream of British actors, but it involves several storylines that eventually intertwine, so everyone will find something interesting and enjoyable to make the date really memorable.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

“If you want something that’s not too serious but more realistic, I can’t recommend (500) Days Of Summer highly enough,” Reddit user isarge123 said. “It’s very funny and entertaining, but it avoids most of the typical rom-com clichés.” Although this film is not the most popular choice for a date, it is certainly interesting.

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It is one of the most charming and refreshing romantic comedies. Even though the relationship ends in a breakup and has some dark moments, the film highlights all the special parts while emphasizing the importance of staying true to yourself. In these heady early stages of dating, this reminder is much needed.

Mean Girls (2004)

mean girls. It’s short, it’s fun, and it won’t matter if you’re not 100% focused on what’s going on,” said Reddit user igoslowly. This movie is a classic Even if one of the parties on the date has seen it, it’s one of the most watchable comedies out there. Its cast is superb, and the dialogue is witty and hilarious.

This will make the date enjoyable, but if people otherwise occupy themselves for a few minutes, it won’t matter much, as the story is actually quite predictable. This movie also has something for everyone, whether they were popular in high school or not.

Amelie (2001)

Few films can transcend language barriers and become international successes, but Amélie did. Reddit user chip008 also thought it would make a great date movie: “Amelie would be my favorite movie, as long as your date doesn’t mess with the subtitles.”

While it’s true that this is one of those warm, whimsical rom-coms that everyone enjoys, it’s worth noting that there are a few tricky scenes in the film that could make the situation awkward if the meeting is still in its early stages. However, it is one of the most uplifting movies, and it will create the feel-good atmosphere one wants on a date.

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