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Shrek 2

Dream works

The Adam Project It may seem like a covert operation to grow a sentient human in a lab, but it’s actually a Netflix movie starring Ryan Reynolds as a guy who travels back in time and teams up with his young me to save the world. It’s the No. 1 movie in Netflix’s daily Top 10 Movies ranking for Monday, March 14. #2 is the original Shrek. Number 3 is Shootera sniper thriller starring Mark Wahlberg that briefly reached the top spot last week before being dethroned by The Adam Project. Number 4 is A Madea Homecoming by Tyler Perryholding after a few weeks on the chart. Shrek 2 completes the top 5.

But which of Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular Movies are worth watching? We’re breaking down the entire list of Netflix’s top 10 movies and walking you through what to eat and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows, as well as the overall Netflix Top 10 list. We also have recommendations for the 50 best movies on Netflix and the 50 best TV shows on Netflix to watch right now.

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Based on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies for Monday, March 14

For fans of: Ryan Reynolds, time travel, 13 Ongoing 30 | Is it good?: It proves that too many Ryan Reynolds exist

Ryan Reynolds plays Adam, a time-traveling pilot who crash-lands in 2022 and teams up with 12-year-old himself (Walker Scobell) to save the future. The movie itself isn’t that great, but it has a 13 Ongoing 30 the reunion moves forward, as Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner play Young Adam’s parents. (Yesterday’s ranking: 1)

For fans of: The song “All Star” by Smash Mouth | Is it good?: Memes would have you believe this is the best movie ever made

So yes it is Shrek. I don’t need to explain what it is, because you probably already know that. Mike Myers provides the voice of a green ogre who sounds mean but is actually kind. Lots of jokes for adults, but kids love it. It won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was inducted into the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry in 2020. It is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” (Yesterday’s ranking: 2)

For fans of: Marine Snipers, Mark Wahlberg | Is it good?: It does the job bang-bang

Mark Wahlberg stars as sniper Bob Lee Swagger, who is framed for an assassination and goes on the run as he attempts to bring down those responsible and clear his name. Does he uncover a vast conspiracy that goes all the way to the top? You know! (Yesterday’s ranking: 5)

For fans of: Madea, Beyoncé’s references | Is it good?: It’s pure stupidity, but we must respect Perry’s commitment

As of this film, there are 12 installments in the MCU. Oh, sorry, not this MCU; I meant the Do one cinematic universe, all of which of course revolve around Tyler Perry’s signature character. In Back home, Madea brings her family together to celebrate her great-grandson’s college graduation, but secrets are revealed that threaten to destroy the reunion. Perry claimed he would retire Madea in 2019 after A Madea family funeraland we saw how well it fit, so I feel like this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. (Yesterday’s ranking: 3)

For fans of: Ogres, donkeys, magic, “I need a hero” | Is it good?: His The Godfather Part II children’s movies

Did you know that Shrek 2 competed for the Palme d’Or at Cannes? Hell yeah it was, ’cause Shrek 2 is part of the great cinematic tradition of sequels better than the original. In it, Fiona (Cameron Diaz) brings Shrek (Mike Myers) home to meet her parents, only for them to express their disapproval when they learn that she married an ogre. From there, the film deals with magical curses, transformation potions, and a very wicked fairy godmother. the Shrek the franchise is pretty much all downhill from here, but this one is so good it doesn’t even matter. (Yesterday’s ranking: 4)

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For fans of: WWII movies, Christopher Nolan’s unique role in culture | Is it good?: Very

This epic 2017 war movie comes from writer-director Christoper Nolan, the last director licensed to make $100 million theatrical blockbusters that are his own original ideas. He gets to do it because he makes movies like Dunkirka thrilling, immersive, structurally inventive and moving film about the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, a turning point in the British war effort. (Yesterday’s ranking: 8)

What to Watch in the Overall Netflix Top 10

For fans of: Inspirational Sports Dramas, Samuel L. Jackson in Leading Roles | Is it good?: It’s a formula, but the formula works

Samuel L. Jackson stars as a high school basketball coach in a poor neighborhood who forces his athletically gifted but at-risk players to sign contracts that say they’ll maintain decent GPAs or they won’t. not part of the team. It’s an uplifting story of tough love that’s based on a true story. (Yesterday’s ranking: 9)

For fans of: World War II movies | Is it good?: It’s powerful and historically respectful

This Danish drama tells the story of a tragic bombing raid in occupied Copenhagen in 1945 when the British Air Force bombed the city and accidentally killed many innocent civilians including children. It’s hard not to watch this movie without thinking about Ukraine right now. (Yesterday’s ranking: n/a)

For fans of: come on girls, missing girlbad vacation | Is it good?: A Leighton Meester vehicle is never a bad thing, clumsy as it often is

The latest addition to the ever-expanding catalog of films about women who mysteriously disappear (like missing girl and The girl on the trainto name just two), this one features Gossip Girl alum Leighton Meester as Beth, a new mother who is convinced to take a girls’ trip to Croatia. After a night of partying, one of the women disappears, leaving Beth to question everything as she tries to find out what really happened to her friend. (Yesterday’s ranking: 6)

For fans of: Blackjack, smart people using their powers for fraudulent tricks | Is it good?: Not really

This is a drama based on a true story that would be a Hulu limited series if made today. But that wasn’t done today; it came out in 2008, before we knew what a bad person Kevin Spacey was. If you can still watch it, it plays an MIT professor who leads a team of brilliant students who count cards in Las Vegas casinos and make big bucks doing it – which is absolutely not allowed! It’s a good premise, but the movie focuses on the less interesting parts of the story. (Yesterday’s ranking: 10)

The best movies on Netflix in 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, don't look up

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, Don’t look up



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