The best Roblox games based on movies and TV shows


Some of the best Roblox the games were created taking inspiration from major movies or television shows. Players can choose from a plethora of different experiences that allow them to jump into their favorite worlds and become characters they love.

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Whether gamers are looking to immerse themselves in the world of popular anime or test their skills in well-known survival shows, there are so many options to choose from on Roblox. Some of the most popular and best-designed experiences are based on these movies and TV shows.


Ro-Magician by Atelier Productions is a game where players attend a magic school and become wizards, learning new spells and brewing potions. It is mainly based on the Harry potter series. Ro-Assistant allows Harry Potter fans on Roblox to immerse themselves in a magical and mysterious world. They can explore the huge school, uncover secrets and unlock new potential.


Players can fight other wizards and defeat roaming monsters while learning spells. They choose their house and then start taking their classes to take it to the next level. Vehicles, character customizations, and new wands can be unlocked as points are earned, allowing players to become the wizards they’ve always wanted.

Attack on Titan: last breath

The attack of the Titans fans will be delighted to find this inspired game, Attack on Titan: Last Breath on Roblox by xX1Ameer1Xx. Players can create their own character and explore the world they love.

Fans of the series will fully enjoy this breathtaking experience that allows them to create their own character and explore the visually stunning world filled with giant Titans. Players can equip their characters with new gear, mounts, weapons and more as they take on the mighty beasts. The Titans are not an easy opponent as they can stomp on characters and take them out in one fell swoop. Players need to be strategic and use their hooks to bring them down successfully.

Lightsaber battlefields

Lightsaber battlefields by The Jedi Order is one of the best games for Star wars fans, allowing them to wield multiple different lightsaber blades, use force powers, and battle other Sith and Jedi.

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Players can choose from multiple blades: Dual Weapon, Dual Blade, Saber Spear, and Single Blade. Using a color wheel, they can change the color of their lightsaber as they wish. The Robloxians must hone their powers of Dash, Lightning, Push, and more force. They will have to learn as they go as the battlefield is a fast-paced, never-ending battle of Sith and Jedi.

My hero mania

My hero mania is another great anime game worth playing even for players who haven’t seen the series. This one is based on the anime, My hero university.

Players must generate a random ability at the start of the game. Abilities cover multiple rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Evolved. The higher the rarity, the more difficult they are to obtain. Each ability has different powers that can be used to fight enemies around the world. Players can level up, gain new powers, and become the ultimate hero.

The hunger Games

The hunger Games fans can immerse in a survival competition experience just like the series with this game, The hunger Games by Untethered. This game allows players to discover all the facets of The hunger Games, be collected to participate in competitions, become a game creator or even sponsor other spectators.

This game is one of the best movie-based survival games, allowing fans of the series and Robloxians in general to compete against each other to find the strongest and most gifted player. Much like the series, players are harvested in quarters and brought into a variety of different maps each turn. They have to run to collect food, water and weapons and compete against each other until there is one player left. Some players can become game makers and control the map, allowing the best of the best to survive.

DragonBall Online Generations

Dragon Ball hero with a great title

One of the best anime games on Roblox is DragonBall Online Generations by Asunder Studios, inspired by Dragon ball z. Players can become the ultimate Saiyan warrior, master their aura, and battle other characters.

Character creation in this game allows players to have more freedom of creativity and more opportunities. They can choose from different races of the show with different skills and fighting styles. Battles have a more complex sequencing that requires a bit of determination, but once players have mastered it, they can easily take on even the strongest foe.

Squid game


The hugely popular Netflix show Squid game was scattered across different social media platforms and games everywhere. One of the best game portrayals in the series premiered on Roblox as Squid game by Trendsetter Games.

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On Roblox, fans can immerse themselves in the exciting and spooky world depicted in the series. They can become gatekeepers or competitors in the Squid game and compete with other players in recognizable challenges, such as Red Light, Green Light, and Glass Bridge. Players will test their skills, loyalty and courage as they compete against each other to see who wins.

Demon fall

Another well developed game is Demon fall by Fireheart Studio, based on the popular animated series Demon slayer. Players create their own characters and immerse themselves in the dark and twisted world based on the series.

It’s another great game with in-depth character creation with some of the best custom hair and other accessories to choose from. Players can create a character that is true to their creativity and search to see which family home they will belong to. Upon entering the game, players will follow the dark history of demons and revenge. They will have to learn how to wield katanas, expand their powers and strength and face the demons lurking in the world, or fall into evil and become a demon themselves.


Outlaster by Peak Precision Studios is a survival contest based on the reality show, Survivor. Players go head-to-head in multiple challenges to see who will outlive them all and be elected as the sole survivor.

Players can join in the fun of their favorite strategic competition with this well-scripted game Outlaster. They have to face each other in several challenges, similar to those seen on the show. After each challenge, they must vote for a player to be kicked out. Players can choose to form alliances or gain favor with others solo. They will need to be strong enough to overcome challenges, find hidden advantages, be friends with everyone, and survive the competition to win the game.

The labyrinth

a large maze with robloxians trying to navigate it

Nitenity Studios’ The labyrinth is based on the series The maze Runner, but with special twists that turn the exciting series into one of the best RPG games on Roblox.

Players must take on the role of runners as they make their way, solo or as a team, through the mysterious and dangerous maze. They can test their survival instinct and their craft by collecting materials to create tools and weapons that aid them on their journey. Dangerous creatures lurk in the dark corners of the maze and threaten the player’s livelihood. Will they be able to make it or will they be lost forever in the endless maze?

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