The correct order in which to watch the Underworld movies


After “Rise of the Lycans,” the rest of the “Underworld” series actually unfolds chronologically in order of release. This naturally brings us to “Underworld: Blood Wars” of 2016.

While we all want to make sure that we end a series as beloved as “Underworld” in a proper and satisfying way as well, five films were arguably too many for this style franchise to begin with. This fact is reflected in the scores of the movie Rotten Tomatoes, which suggest that “Blood Wars” was, more or less, considered a disappointing final episode by fans and critics of “Underworld”.

For those who missed out on “Blood Wars” in its theatrical release, the film opens right after “Awakening,” with the Lycans on the verge of eliminating their vampire enemies for good, and the two races desperate to get their hands on Selene and Veille. This latter character, however, is already in hiding. Meanwhile, in her quest to find Michael and end the war for good, the film sees Selene enter the middle of a fierce final battle between dueling factions of vampires and a horde of vicious Lycans.

Of course, there’s a lot more going on between the lines in “Blood Wars,” and if you’re a die-hard fan of the “Underworld” series, you’ll no doubt want to see how this movie concludes things.

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