The CPC is resolutely committed to safeguarding the interests of developing countries: researcher


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been determined to protect the interests of developing countries and has helped provide Chinese wisdom for mankind and Chinese methods to global issues, a prominent scholar said at a briefing on the history and literature of the CCP on Sunday.

“Our Party has always respected the principle of independence, has firmly defended the interests of large developing countries, believed that all countries, large or small, strong or weak, are all equal, and strongly opposed the colonialism, hegemony and power politics, ”Qu Qingshan, chairman of the Party History and Literature Institute of the CPC Central Committee, told reporters at the first press conference held at the Center. press release for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP in Beijing.

The CPC has presented a new possibility for nations that wish to accelerate their development while maintaining their independence, Qu said.

In addition to the world, the CCP has also made great contributions to China, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation over the past 100 years, he added.

Statistics show that at the end of 2019, the Chinese Communist Party had more than 91.9 million members, and there were more than 4.6 million grassroots Party organizations across China, said Jiang Shuping, director of the institute’s third department.

“The CCP has grown from a political party with only 50 members and more to the largest ruling Marxist party in the world,” she said.

Asked what is behind the CCP’s success, Jiang replied that the reason is fourfold, namely that the Party has always kept abreast of its time, made efforts to resolve difficulties, safeguarded fundamental interests. people and improved its self-construction.

As part of the celebrations, the Party History and Literature Institute of the CPC Central Committee will publish a “Chronicle of the Events of the 100 Years of the CCP,” a 100,000-word newspaper article in the next three days. People’s Daily, said Qu.

“We must study the history of the Party and learn from it, and advance the valuable experience of the Party,” he said, stressing the importance of drawing wisdom and strength from the history of the CCP.

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(Cover: Qu Qingshan, chairman of the Party History and Literature Institute of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, speaks at a press conference on the history of the CCP in Beijing, China on 27 June 2021. / CFP)


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