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Although it was released 13 years ago, the The Twilight Saga remains one of the most popular franchises in movie history. From werewolves to hybrid children, the films feature some of the most iconic and unique characters in the YA genre that fans will likely never forget.

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When characters are introduced, their first line often sums up the type of person they are. Their need to protect the Cullen family is frequently displayed through some of the character’s final lines, and they often demonstrate how much their characters have changed over the course of the five films.


Charlie swan

First: “Your hair is longer”.

Last: “The woman knows her trout.”

Charlie never had the best relationship with Bella. Although they loved her deeply, they never saw each other often because she lived with her mother. Her first line signifies their strained relationship and sums up her awkward character trying to make conversation.

When his family visits him for Christmas, Bella gives Charlie a gift that is a five-day fishing trip for him and his girlfriend, Sue. He’s excited about the gift and his latest line shows he’s impressed with Sue because she knows how to fish.

Esme Cullen

First, “Bella, we’re doing Italian for you.”

Last: “This is not a human person.”

Esme has always had a kind nature and a gentle personality. Her first line embodies this as it shows that she goes out of her way to make an effort for Bella, despite the vampires not needing to eat.

To prove that Renesmee is not an immortal child, Esme and the rest of the Cullens begin to seek witnesses in their fight against the Volturi. When she brings one of them home, he jumps on the roof instead of socializing. Esme’s last line shows her kindness once again and she defends the vampire by explaining that he is not a social person.

Emmett Cullen

First: “Her name is Bella.

Last: “I’m fine.”

Emmett’s first line comes when the Cullens are cooking dinner for Bella. This is in response to Rosalie and suggests he’s more open to humans than she is because he justifies Esme’s choice to make Italian food.

When Bella transforms into a vampire, they want to test her protective abilities. To give him an incentive, Kate shocks Edward, causing him great pain. After mastering it and wanting to keep practicing, Edward asks if Emmett wants to give it a try. Although he is one of the strongest male characters in the dusk series, Emmett’s last line is to politely decline him.

Rosalie Hale

First: “Is she even Italian? “

Last: “Carlisle needs you.

Rosalie and Bella have never had an easy relationship. She was always afraid that Bella would cause them problems and was often hostile towards her. This is evident in her first line when she hesitates to make an effort to accept it by questioning her heritage.

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Despite an immediate dislike for Bella, Roaslie’s final line shows just how far she’s come. Like all Cullen siblings, Rosalie has always wanted to protect her family and is desperately trying to help Bella’s daughter. She is last heard trying to convince a witness to come forward to help in their case against the Volturi.

Jasper hale

First: “It is a pleasure to meet you. “

Last: “Their offensive weapons are too powerful. No one could oppose Jane.”

Jasper Hale teaches everyone how to fight in Twilight.

Jasper is introduced as the newest member of the Cullen family who is desperately trying to keep his vampire tendencies under control. He is heard for the first time when he meets Bella and he does his best to stay calm with her.

When the Cullens realize what the Volturi are doing to the Immortal Children, Jacob suggests they fight. Despite having arguably the greatest combat capability in dusk, Jasper is last heard explaining to Jacob how they can’t because of Jane. She is a sadistic member of the Volturi who takes great pleasure in torturing others, and he notes that her abilities are too powerful for them.

Alice cullen

First: “Hi. Are you going to ride with us? “

Last: “I searched for my own witnesses among the Ticuna tribes of Brazil.”

Alice has always been the cutest of the Cullen siblings and it shows through her front row. When she first meets Bella, she politely says hello and is friendly with her, unlike the other siblings.

Like the rest of the Cullens, Alice travels the world looking for witnesses. Her final line signifies the loyalty she had to her family and how far she would go to help them. She was instrumental in protecting others and is one of the reasons Alice was the best Cullen in dusk.

Carlisle Cullen

First: “I heard that the chief’s daughter was present”.

Last: “Not today.”

As the head of the Cullen family, Carlisle set an example and was always calm and reasonable when it came to humans. Fans first meet him when he works as a doctor and takes care of Bella. His first line has a positive tone and it stays with him throughout the film.

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Protecting his family has always been Carlisle’s primary goal. When the Volturi decide to retreat in the final battle, Vladimir still wants to attack them. Carlisle’s last line encompasses who he was as he assures them that no one is going to die today.

Jacob Black

First: “Hello, my name is Jacob. We used to bake mud pies when we were little.”

Last: “Should I start calling you daddy?” “


Fans meet Jacob in the first film, and his first line is spoken when he introduces himself to Bella. Jacob’s character starts out as sweet and innocent, but changes dramatically as the films progress.

Although he was never the laid-back type, Jacob was last heard playing a joke on Edward. Jacob soaking up Renesmee has always been an odd concept and prompted Jacob to say some of his more garish lines in the dusk franchise. Despite this, Jacob tries to play a joke on Edward to tone down the fact that he is now in love with his daughter.

Edward cullen

First: “There must be something open. Physics ? Biochemistry?

Last forever. “

Edward appears in the film several times before fans hear him speak. When he is heard for the first time, he tries to change his class because he can’t stand being around Bella. His first line couldn’t be more opposite to his last.

Bella and Edward’s relationship was arguably one of the worst in the world. dusk franchise and it was not a straight road to happiness. Despite this, they both find peace and Edward’s last line is the same as Bella’s. It demonstrates his undying love for her and shows how much their relationship has grown from the start.

Bella swan

First: “I never thought much about how I was going to die, but dying in place of someone I love seems like the right way to go. “

Last forever. “

Kristen stewart bella swan twilight

Bella’s frontline is a voiceover and it seems fitting that this is the frontline of the entire franchise. It’s no secret that Bella didn’t particularly like her human life and that she only felt alive once she met Edward. Her first line completes her journey in the film as she ends up dying in Edward’s presence.

Bella’s last sentence cements her love for Edward. Now a vampire, dying is no longer a thought that Bella has as she now spends an eternity with the one she loves.

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