These actors had a tough streak of only rotten films. here’s why


John Malkovich is synonymous with taste and sophistication (a reputation “Being John Malkovich” capitalizes on, with hilarious results). Still, it’s easy to forget that this actor has plenty of Rotten movies in his repertoire. In the span of just two years, he’s been in six films with a Rotten Tomatoes score below 25%. Loud and Clear Reviews points out that we’re just ignoring Malkovich’s terrible movies, because they’re far more forgettable than his most beloved films. So we assume he has a perfect record.

He doesn’t. For example, his character in “White Elephant” adds nothing to the story, says Brian Orndorf of And even Malkovich can’t redeem “Rogue Hostage,” a film in which the actor is “seriously collapsing,” according to The Guardian. Malkovich told GQ Magazine that he made a resolution not to accept any more offers for film projects that couldn’t afford to pay him. While he’s enjoyed working on indie films like Manoel de Oliveira’s “I’m Going Home,” he has to be a bit more hands-on. “I don’t really want to work for free anymore,” he told the outlet. Like everyone else, Malkovich has to make a living, which may explain why he seems to have settled for less than ideal movies lately.

There don’t seem to be any Malkovich films on the horizon anytime soon, but we can always look forward to seeing him in “100 Years,” which hits Cannes in 2115 (and yes, we mean 2115).


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