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Fans of the Dune saga waiting for the latest film adaptation might enjoy the following video games about feudal futures and desert planets.

The latest film adaptation of Dune, Frank Herbert’s genre-transforming science fiction novel, is due out in October 2021; impatient fans of the franchise can calm their fuss by playing some of the Dune– like the video games listed below. Each of these strategy games is inspired by the themes of the Dune novels in different ways – some focus on land battles across a harsh desert planet, others on the politics of interstellar empires ruled by aristocratic houses in a neo-feudal structure.

Many science fiction stories use their future contexts to talk about the problems and challenges of the present. the Dune the books explore the challenges of the present while invoking the traps of the ancient past. In the universe of Dune, Paul Atreides, the protagonist, is the son of a duke of one of the great aristocratic houses ruling the galaxy. AI is prohibited by religious law, and powerful, portable deflector shields have brought swordplay and hand-to-hand combat back into fashion. The alien spice called Melange, a substance that prolongs life and makes interstellar travel possible, replaces the pre-modern spice trade along the Silk Road and modern society’s dependence on petroleum. And Arrakis, the desert planet where Melange is harvested, is inhabited by the Fremen people, a nomadic culture hardened by desert life and the riders of the mighty Desert Sandworms whose “barbaric harshness“threatens to override”decadent“aristocrats of the galaxy in general.

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The books of the Dune the series have been adapted in a number of different media. First, there was the 1984 surrealist film David Lynch and the 2000 and 2003 Sci-Fi mini-series, adapting Dune, Messiah of the dunes, and Children of Dune, respectively. An upcoming comedy spin-off from Dune 2021 will tell the story of a commando from the formidable Imperial Corps of Sardaukar. There are also a number of video games influenced by the themes and aesthetics of the game. Dune frankness, some more blatantly than others.

Video Game Like Dune – Dune II: The Building Of A Dynasty

Video Games like Dune Dune II Battle For Arrakis

Dune II: building a dynasty is a civil servant Dune video game released by Westwood Games in 1992 and occupies a notable place in video game history, being one of the first real-time strategy games. Players choose one of the three great houses – the heroic house Atreides, the evil house Harkonnen or the recluse house Ordos – and attempt to take control of Arrakis by extracting valuable spices from the waste of the desert, building facilities for building infantry and combat vehicles, and destroying the armies and installations of their rivals. The original Dune II RTS can be played nowadays using different types of emulation software, although its archaic gameplay can be jarring for modern gamers; a 1998 remake called Dune 2000 modernized the game interface and introduced live cutscenes modeled on the 1984 Dune movie.

Video Games Like Dune – Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak

Video Games like Dune Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak

Homeworld: Kharak Deserts, a prequel to the Home world RTS franchise, takes place in the desert world from which players depart Home world Game. On the arid planet, whose habitable areas are shrinking year by year, a group of clans of polar civilizations launch an expedition into the vast desert deserts of the equator, in search of an ancient buried technology capable of save their dying people. In many ways, Homeworld: Kharak Deserts plays as a more modern version of the Dune II RTS, with armies of dune buggies, tanks, mobile transporters, construction vehicles and hovercraft battling rival clans and dangerous bands of desert nomads.

Video Games Like Dune – Crying Suns

Video games like Dune Crying Suns 2

Tactics sci-fi game Suns crying, similar to sci-fi rogue-lite FTL: faster than light, takes place in a galactic empire from a distant future ruled by an immortal emperor, vying for great houses and miraculously powerful administrative AIs. The player takes on the role of a spaceship captain cloned from the genes of a legendary general, thawed out of stasis in a Frontier Starbase and sent on an expedition to find out why the empire collapsed. The plot of Suns crying has many cries for the events of the original Dune novels: protagonist Admiral Idaho is a particularly blatant tribute to Duncan Idaho, a sword master of House Atreides who was killed and resurrected by cloning over the course of several Dune books.

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Video Games Like Dune – Alliance Of The Sacred Suns

Video games like Dune Alliance Of The Sacred Suns

Stellaris and other 4X strategy games about building interstellar empires often include many Dune the references, especially when players have the opportunity to turn their regime into an anachronistic feudal aristocracy. The strategy game Alliance of sacred suns, which will be released on Steam later this year, takes a particularly strong look at this theme of “futuristic feudalism”, described by many as a mixture of Crossed kings and the classic 4X title Masters of Orion. Players Depict the newly crowned ruler of an interstellar empire, working to revitalize their domain by recruiting skilled officials, negotiating with rival powers, and building both economic and military strength.

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