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First of all, whatever the movie “Manifesto” is, there’s no way it can completely tie together all of the many details in the series. As he told Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Rake always planned for “Manifest” to run for six seasons, so a final movie should wrap up this whole story in just two hours.

“I just need a modest budget to tell the story. Personally, I’m sketching out how to consolidate the back half of the series into a much more streamlined and straightforward two-hour finale that would distill the whole thing. hooking up is where I feel, ”explained Rake. “There is a huge appetite for people who want to know what this end of the story is, what happened to the passengers, what ultimately happened to this plane.

Most likely, a “Manifest” movie would answer the biggest remaining question in the series, which concerns the date of the passengers’ deaths in 2024. During season 3, Ben’s son Cal has a vision that the passengers are all supposed to live only for the same amount of time they are gone. Since the plane disappeared in 2013 and returned in 2018, an absence of five and a half years, Cal’s vision indicates they would die in 2024 (with a few exceptions). However, after Zeke’s death at the end of Season 3, the remaining survivors believe they might be able to avoid their death by heeding their pleas. Most likely, a “Manifest” movie would have to start with some sort of time jump that brings the plot closer to 2024 and sees passengers racing against time to find a way to avoid their fatal deaths.

Of course, it’s possible that the calls will affect more people than the 200 passengers on Flight 828. By the end of Season 3, religious fanatics come to believe that Ben is a harbinger of the apocalypse and try to kill him to prevent that from happening. If the fanatics were really right, Ben and the other passengers would have an even bigger problem than just saving themselves. Unless we get a “Manifest” movie, of course, that will remain fan theory.

As Rake told EW, however, “I want to channel all of my energy to the future, to the positive, to a path that would allow us to complete the story.… It can take a long time to figure out that path. .. It could take a year, and full disclosure, it might never happen! But I’m not going to stop trying. “

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